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Omg Glitter

  1. let’s makeup
    Glittery Eye Makeup That Won’t Make You Look Like a UnicornWill not match your drink.
  2. beauty gifs
    The Easiest, Most Glittery New Year’s Eve HairstyleDon’t worry: All of the glitter will wash out.
  3. Men Love Glitter So Much They’re Putting It in Their BeardsA sparkly start to the holiday season.
  4. advice
    How to Wear Glitter on Your FaceWithout going blind or getting a rash. 
  5. omg glitter
    How to Get Miley Cyrus’s Glitter-Streaked Hair Sparkly, legal fun. 
  6. omg glitter
    Happily, Kesha Is No Longer a Glitter TerroristToo irritating on the skin!
  7. glitter and beyonce
    Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist on Glitter, Scotch Tape And why Beyoncé wrote the foreword to her new book.
  8. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Create a Holiday Confetti-Glitter Eye“How to do glitter without looking like an asshole.”
  9. omg glitter
    Bedazzled Models at Meadham KirchhoffJane Austen covered in sparkles.