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    When Trends Collide: JeggingsTopshop coins a new fashion term.
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    Inside Topshop: Cute Merchandise, Questionable DécorWe braved the crowds to review the store. Our verdict? Ignore the décor and head straight for the clothes. We found quite a few things we loved.
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    Topshop Is Behaving Like a NightclubDoormen are making people wait in line for no reason.
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    Topshop’s ‘Style Advisers’ Sound TerrifyingWant the job? You’ll need “an encyclopedic knowledge of what Nicole Richie, Peaches Geldof and Sarah Jessica Parker wore when last picking up coffee at Starbucks.”
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    Topshop Line Not Very PainfulIt’s still there, but moves quickly.
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    Her Mossness Has Emerged! And Topshop Is Open!And the crowd is going crazy!
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    Topshop Is About to Open! And the Line Isn’t Crazy! (Updated)You might actually be able to shop there today!