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    Marc Jacobs Got a Movie RoleAnd he’s not playing himself.
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    Here’s Another Photo From Helena Bonham Carter’s Marc Jacobs CampaignShe’s wearing polka dots! On her face.
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    Helena Bonham Carter Is in the New Marc Jacobs CampaignAs the industry questions the designer’s relevance, he shows them why they needn’t bother.
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    Times Wonders How Cool Marc Jacobs Is These DaysOh no they didn’t.
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    Read Today’s Massive Marc Jacobs Interview From WWD in Eight Short Quotes“There aren’t that many people who I respect. There just aren’t.”
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    Marc Jacobs Remains Coy About His Love LifeHe joked with reporters about it at a party last week.
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    Marc Jacobs on Sex Appeal, Casting Louis Vuitton, and Getting Ready in the Morning“I don’t find clothes sexy at all,” he said at a talk last night.
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    Marc Jacobs on Reality TV, Rachel Zoe, and Fashion As a Spectator SportHe called Zoe a “crazy stylist.”