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    Introducing the Beauty EditSix full-size products with the Cut stamp of approval.
  2. on the rise
    This Designer Would Like to Accentuate Your Back RollsKaroline Vitto finds beauty in “unlovable” body parts.
  3. on the rise
    Meet the Designer for Party Girls Who Don’t Take Themselves Too SeriouslySinead Gorey isn’t interested in fashion that isn’t fun.
  4. on the rise
    The Designer Who Built Her Business Making Masks During the PandemicNow she’s creating full collections.
  5. on the rise
    This Designer’s LED Glasses Made J Balvin Slide Into His DMsMeet Tommy Bogo from the Bay.
  6. on the rise
    The Surreal Designer Making Extremely Freaky FootwearFor Beate Karlsson, it’s Halloween all year long.
  7. on the rise
    A Hippie-Chic Brand That’s the Opposite of Fast FashionAllpamamas combines a breezy aesthetic with an Earth-first philosophy.
  8. on the rise
    Sustainable Fashion With a Jamaican SoulTheophilio is both a story about designer Edvin Thompson’s past, and an attempt to influence fashion’s future.
  9. on the rise
    The Designer Who’s Always Blurring the LinesKeith Lafuente blends art and fashion, drag and anime.
  10. on the rise
    5 Up-and-Coming Designers Changing the Fashion IndustrySeen through the lenses of five of our favorite photographers.
  11. on the rise
    The Fashion Designer Who Makes Tops Out of PaperKarina Sharif wants to tell Black women’s stories through her clothes.
  12. on the rise
    This Designer’s Secret Ingredient Is Good VibesSade Mims says her accessories line, Edas, is made with love.
  13. on the rise
    The Self-Taught Designer Practicing Slow FashionAsata Maisé’s decade of hard work is finally paying off.
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    Fashion Insiders Love Her, But She’s Ready for MoreAllow us to reintroduce Tia Adeola.
  15. on the rise
    The Designer Who Sent Ghost Models Down the RunwayAnifa Mvuemba always does things her own way.