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  1. throwback
    10 Sweet Photos of One DirectionIn celebration of the band’s tenth anniversary.
  2. new faces of things
    Liam Payne’s Face Has a New JobThe former boy-bander is the new face of Hugo Boss’s icy fragrance.
  3. liam payne
    Former One Direction Member Is Frustrated at How the Media Covers Women He Knows“I find it wrong that they are reduced to being linked to me romantically in the press just for simply standing next to me.”
  4. things that may happen at some point
    A One Direction Reunion Will Happen, Says LiamAll thanks to your eyelash-wish.
  5. teenage dreams
    11 Moments From the New Harry Styles Profile That Would Have Ruined Us As TeensA new Rolling Stone profile cements Harry Styles’s status as a heartthrob for the ages.
  6. trump tales
    Trump Kicked One Direction Out of His Hotel for Refusing to Meet His DaughterWe’re placing our bets on Tiffany.
  7. the many directions of one direction
    Okay, Who Is Cyberbullying Niall Horan?“The sad thing is . As I tweet this they are in the group chat laughing at me “
  8. wrong direction
    Harry Styles Debuts Terrible New HatAlso, his new short haircut.
  9. beard restrictions
    Leaving One Direction Set Zayn Malik’s Beard FreeWe’re so glad that beautiful beard was able to blossom.
  10. rites of passage
    Zayn, Today You Are a ManHis video is the latest in a long tradition.
  11. baby picture alert
    Louis Tomlinson Took a Precious Picture of Cuddle Time With His Newborn SonAttention: 1D Baby is Insta-official.
  12. Zayn Malik: One Direction Music Isn’t ‘Cool’ Enough to Play Around GirlsSpeaking of girls, he wants everyone to know he didn’t dump his ex via text.
  13. cheekbones
    Zayn Malik Is Shirtless, Pouting, and Riding a Dirt Bike Back Into Our HeartsWelcome back, Zayny baby.
  14. Harry Styles Stops Show to Check Up on His SisWhat a guy.
  15. space jam
    A Brief History of Pop Stars in SpaceSinging into that final frontier
  16. look of the day
    Ariana Grande Accessorized With a Purple BalloonCheery.
  17. first person
    There Is Only One DirectionWhat the boy band taught me about life, death, and motherhood.
  18. male gaze
    One Direction Is Now 4 Years OldHappy birthday.
  19. things we like
    Why I Love Guys Who Hug Other GuysIn praise of platonic man-on-man affection. 
  20. Watch One Direction Ponder ‘What Love Smells Like’It definitely has a hint of cedarwood.
  21. dressing down
    50 Times Celebrities Have Worn Sneakers on the Red Carpet“Smart casual.”
  22. smell ya later
    1 Direction Wants You to Smell Like GrapefruitsTheir second fragrance is on the way. 
  23. working out
    It’s a One Direction Training MontageIt’s way more grueling beginning of the movie stuff than redeeming end of the movie stuff.
  24. teenage dreams
    Cindy Crawford Is Living a Teenage DreamA Harry Styles pizza party.
  25. who are you
    Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Know Who Harry Styles IsWhen Harry met Naomi … nothing happened.
  26. Here’s What Harry Styles’s Hair Smells LikeAlso, their hairstylist reveals the beauty product responsible for One Direction’s bouncy-haired perfection.
  27. quotables
    Harry Styles Sucks Up to Parents of Tween FansCalled Miley “quite inappropriate.”
  28. our angelic moment
    One Direction to Sing at Victoria’s Secret Show [Updated]Five Biebers are better than one.
  29. scent of a boy band
    The Surprising Demographics of the One Direction Fan BaseAs deduced by the Harrod’s waiting list.
  30. teen girls
    Why Did a Fan Throw a Tampon at One Direction?Poetic sexual awakening or random boorishness?
  31. celebrity beauty
    Does This Mean Celebrity Beauty Lines Are Finally Over?No more, please. No more.
  32. smell ya later
    The New Scent to Unite All One Direction FansApparently the boys like grapefruit.
  33. internet fame
    How ‘Stalker Sarah,’ 17, Takes Thousands of Selfies With StarsBy doing so, she’s become famous in her own strange way.
  34. flops
    Taylor Swift Just Can’t Sell Magazines, Okay?Albums do not translate into newsstand sales, apparently.
  35. (maybe) put a ring on it
    Lana Del Rey Waves Around Her Maybe-Engagement Ring Some MoreAnd other things that happened at last night’s Brit Awards.
  36. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Beyoncé to Perform at the Brit AwardsOn February 20.
  37. r.i.p. haylor
    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Possibly Broke UpIn Virgin Gorda last week.
  38. celebrotica
    Taylor Swift’s Latest Love Story, As a Bodice-RipperOur resident romance novelist reimagines the tabloids.
  39. one direction
    Nine Celebs Wearing the Same Hairstyle in One WeekIt’s a good week for exposing one shoulder.
  40. any excuse to quote one direction lyrics
    What Will One Direction’s Perfume Smell Like?Will it make the boys drool down their chinny-chin-chins?
  41. cover boys
    Which One Direction Teen Vogue Cover Is Best?All five band members got their own solo shot.
  42. cute puppies
    Wonderland Magazine ‘Obsessed’ With One DirectionCan you blame them?
  43. celebrity fragrances
    One Direction to Try Knocking Some Scents Into Their Crazy FansYep, the boy band is developing a fragrance.
  44. any excuse to quote one direction lyrics
    For the Record, Kate Upton Does Not Have a Crush on Harry StylesShe’s never even met him.
  45. the dating game
    Cara Delevingne Is Playing With Prepubescent Hearts EverywhereMostly on Twitter.
  46. 2012 london olympics
    Slideshow: London 2012 Olympics Closing CeremonyNeeded more Spice Girls.
  47. the dating game
    Cara Delevingne Might Be Dating One Direction’s Harry StylesHe can serenade her with “What Makes You Beautiful.” After all, she is a model.