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  1. i’d swipe right
    This Man Is the Human Version of Netflix and ChillAnd your next Halloween costume.
  2. relationships
    It Doesn’t Matter What You Write on Your Dating Profile“Essentially, the text is less than 10% what people think of you.”
  3. no makeup
    When Bros Say They Like the ‘Natural Look,’ They LieA study says that, in fact, they like makeup a lot.
  4. adventures in dating
    The New Abstinence: Not Googling Your DateMeet the singles saving Facebook-stalking for marriage. Or the third date, at least.
  5. does anyone know how to date
    Why Are So Many People Posing With Tigers on Tinder?Wild mating habits.
  6. attention please
    Indoor Selfies Way More Popular for Ladies’ Dating ProfilesAnd :-) is better received than :).
  7. online dating
    Sexting With a Tinder Spam-Bot, Things Get WeirdShe started with, “hey…have we chatted before?”
  8. experiments
    Who Knows What Men Want on OkCupid — Men or Women?I let my friends write me two new profiles, and went on dates with the guys they attracted.
  9. torture typing
    Ashley Madison Sued by Profile FakerShe was asked to create 1,000 “fake female profiles” in 3 weeks.
  10. online dating
    For $5,000, eHarmony Will Do Your Online DatingDating website discovers human matchmakers, undercuts its whole premise.
  11. white men in suits
    Tailored Suits Lead to Online Dating Success, Says Suit CompanyWe trust this.