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  1. celebrity
    Emily Ratajkowski Has a Message for White Men on Dating Apps“Why do so many white men have photos of them running?”
  2. love and war
    Why Was I Banned From Tinder?A frustratingly unsolved mystery.
  3. love and tiktok
    Online Dating, Without the AppsLasting digital-first connections don’t have to start with swiping.
  4. the single life
    Who Exactly Is Swiping Left on Drew Barrymore?If Drew Barrymore can’t get a match, is there hope for the rest of us?
  5. how i get it done
    How Raya’s Secret Weapon Gets It DoneIfeoma Ojukwu, VP of global membership for the private dating app, dedicated her career to building communities IRL. Now, she’s doing it online.
  6. extremely online
    Before We Make Out, Wanna Dismantle Capitalism?On dating apps today, it seems like everybody wants to eat the rich.
  7. capitol insurrection
    Bumble Hero Turns in Capitol Rioter“We are not a match,” the user wrote, before tipping off the FBI.
  8. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: TinderIn 2020, swiping feels a bit like interacting with strangers in a crowded bar.
  9. crime
    When You See Your Rapist on TinderMultiple women say online-dating platforms aren’t removing the profiles of men who’ve assaulted them — leaving others at risk.
  10. dating
    The Tinder HackerWhen I asked Sean about his hobbies, I wasn’t prepared for what he said.
  11. atypical
    What It’s Like to Lose $1 Million in an Online Dating ScamAs dating sites and social apps proliferate, so, too, do scams.
  12. searching
    The 10 Best Dating Sites of 2019For when you’re sick of swiping.
  13. science of us
    What Does It Mean to Quantify Desirability?Unpacking that new study on looking for love with people out of your league.
  14. summer of scam
    ‘Serial Dine-and-Dasher’ Arrested for Awful Dating EtiquetteAn L.A. man has been arrested for routinely leaving his dates to foot the bill for lavish dinners.
  15. science of us
    These Are the Most Common Lies People Tell on Dating AppsAnd how often they use them.
  16. get a hobby
    Make Dating Less Miserable: Treat It Like a HobbyA modest proposal to make Tinder more bearable.
  17. the future
    Dating on Black Mirror Is Way Better Than in Real LifeCan we sign up for dystopian Tinder?
  18. l’amour
    This Nudist Dating Fraud Story Has EverythingIncluding cow insemination.
  19. fashions
    If You’ve Never Seen the Top of Your Date’s Head, He Might Be Hatfishing YouWhere is the line between deception and personal style?
  20. niche drama
    Living Next to a Dating App’s Headquarters Sounds Just As Awful As You’d ImagineBumble used an apartment as their corporate headquarters, reportedly terrorizing their neighbors in the process.
  21. sex diaries
    The Personal Trainer Who Wishes She Could CompartmentalizeThis week’s sex diary.
  22. The Matchmaker Who Flirts on Dating Apps for YouHanging out with the matchmaker who impersonates her clients online.
  23. swipe left
    What Comes After Tinder?Considering alternatives when you’re sick of swiping.
  24. Why ‘Happily Ever After’ Isn’t Trendy AnymoreRomantic comedies aren’t what they used to be. Can Hollywood sense our growing exhaustion with finding ‘the one’?
  25. online dating
    How I Decide Who Gets Banned on OkCupidModerating sexts is a careful art.
  26. relationship advice
    Your Ultimate Guide to Relationship AdviceFor couples, singles, and those in between.
  27. true romance
    Online-Dating Fraud Is Happening to More People in the U.K. Than Ever BeforeMaybe don’t give your money to a stranger from a dating app.
  28. sex diaries
    The Woman Embracing Eroticism to Cope With the ElectionThis week’s sex diary.
  29. we all die alone
    One Thing Liberals and Conseratives Have in Common: Terrible Dating ProfilesWe’re all doomed to eternal loneliness.
  30. trumped up
    Trump Singles Is the Newest Dating Site You Can Actively Avoid Where Trump supporters go looking for love.
  31. online dating
    Bumble Publicly Calls Out and Blocks User After He Went on an Abusive Rant Connor turned an attempt at small talk into a rant about “gold-digging whores,” and the dating app was not having it.  
  32. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner Commandeers Kourtney’s iPhone for Online Dating High JinksAh, sisterly love.
  33. getting it
    Stop Telling Single Women How to Find a ManSingleness isn’t a problem to be solved.
  34. mansplaining
    And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick PicsHonestly, we’re still not sure we understand.
  35. online seductions
    A History of Cybersex: Dirty Talk, Chat Rooms, and AddictionsOnce upon a time, cybering was the safest sex around.
  36. first person
    Why I Quit Online DatingA history, from 2002 to the present.
  37. listen up fives a ten is speaking
    Online Dating Has Killed Your Chances of Landing Someone Hotter Than YouIf you want to date out of your league, we have some bad news for you.
  38. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: She Moved in But Didn’t Want to Get SeriousNow he’s photographing her wedding.
  39. i don’t want no scrubs
    Making the First Move: Your Only Defense Against OKCupid ScrubsOne weird trick guaranteed to get you better dates!
  40. social mores
    Do Straight Women Really Not Step Up During Sex?Thinking-face emoji.
  41. The Most Highly Confident Young Men Have the Least Success in Online DatingAccording to OKCupid data, anyway. 
  42. getting it
    Tinder Is the New Meet-CuteYour grandchildren will find your online-dating story so adorably quaint.
  43. memories
    Stroll Down Memory Lane With This List of ‘Hottest Names’Oh god, I remember Shane. We all remember a Shane.
  44. can u not
    How Not to Message a Woman OnlineA case study.
  45. true stories
    A Man and a Woman Tell Us Why They Went on Ashley MadisonIt’s “a playground for bored, horny middle-class men.”
  46. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m 36—Did I Miss My Chance for Love?You haven’t done anything wrong, and you still have time.
  47. dating apps
    How Many Degrees of Separation Are Best for a Good Date?Friends of friends of friends, says the dating app Hinge.
  48. Famous People Also Stalk Crushes on InstagramLike this photo? Slide into my DMs.
  49. our selfies ourselves
    I Am Not My Internet Personality, and You Probably Aren’t Yours, Either.Please, please do not believe everything you read online.
  50. online dating
    3 Science-Backed Tips for Better Online DatingHere comes some research to make your experience of swiping and messaging less depressing.
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