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  1. #metoo
    Celebrities Pen Open Letter Defending Asia Argento Against Misogynist TrollsThe actress and #MeToo advocate has been subject to “vicious cyberbullying and repulsive slander” in the wake of boyfriend Anthony Bourdain’s death.
  2. open letters
    Dear Matt Damon, Here’s What We Want From You(Actually, Matt Damon’s press person, please slip this to him in a DM.)
  3. open letters
    Women in National Security Call for a Workplace That Actually Respects WomenIn a letter signed by over 200 diplomats, military officers, and civil servants.
  4. open letters
    This Model Says the Fashion World Is Full of AbuseIn an open letter to the industry.
  5. open letters
    Serena Williams Wrote an Open Letter Encouraging Women to Keep Dreaming BigThe Wimbledon champion wrote about the importance of striving for excellence as part of Porter magazine’s “Incredible Women” issue.
  6. 100 Women-of-Color Leaders Write Powerful Open Letter to the United States“As women, we stand united in our pledge to continue to take action to bring forward solutions.”
  7. 80 CEOs Wrote an Open Letter to the Future President to Help Women EntrepreneursWill the new president look out for female-founded businesses?
  8. open letters
    This Indie Brand Had a Great Response to Ivanka TrumpWhen she bought one of their cuffs, they donated the proceeds to the Clinton campaign.
  9. women at work
    17 Female French Politicians Slam Sexual Harassment in the Workplace“We would have loved to have never written this column.”
  10. open letters
    Princeton Faculty Denounces Princeton Mom’s Rape ViewsIn an open letter to the student paper. 
  11. billionaires
    Lesbian Heiress Publishes Open Letter to World’s Most Embarrassing DadMore fodder for Sacha Baron Cohen.
  12. extended 15 minutes of fame
    Deranged Sorority Sister Is Writing a NovelWait. Did anybody ask for this?
  13. poetry corner
    Instagram Tells Lady Gaga Not to Be Such a BummerLady Gaga’s sad poetry earns her an e-mail about “safety information” from Instagram. 
  14. open letters
    Sinéad and Miley Continue Forth Into the VoidOur attention span does not continue with them.
  15. feuds
    Sinéad Vows to Sue ‘Fuckin Stupid’ Miley Cyrus“Taking me on is even more fuckin’ stupid than behaving like a prostitute.”
  16. open letters
    We Asked, and Jenna Lyons RepliedFighting the good fight for the scoop-back swimsuit.
  17. fashion quests
    Open Letter: Resurrect J.Crew’s Perfect Scoop-Back SwimsuitHear me out on this one, Jenna.
  18. Snooki’s Advice to Kate: ‘Sing to Your Booger’That’s Jersey Shore for “baby.”
  19. open letters
    Gaultier Joins the Open Letter Trend After a Bad Couture ReviewYour turn, Tim Blanks.
  20. quotables
    Allison Williams Wrote an Open Letter to TwitterAs if it were a boy trying to date her.
  21. hed-ache
    Saint Laurent’s CEO Writes Letter to WWDXoxo, Paul Deneve.
  22. open letters
    Michelle Obama Embraces Open-Letter Fever in ElleBut she could learn a thing or two from Hedi and Oscar yet. 
  23. hed-ache
    Write Your Own Fashion-World Open Letter With the Cut’s Easy-to-Use TemplateSomething to do this weekend.