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Open Marriage

  1. marriage: an investigation
    He Cheated in an Open Marriage“He designed our relationship to suit himself, and he breaks it to suit himself.”
  2. sex diaries
    The Married Salesperson Who’s Missing Her BoyfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  3. sex diaries
    The Mom Breaking the Rules of Her Open MarriageThis week’s sex diary.
  4. Mo’Nique’s Husband Has a ‘Pass to Cheat’She does too. “I don’t want to be owned anymore,” she said.
  5. male feminists
    So, You’re a Male Feminist in an Open Marriage … ?Further questions for the couple behind last week’s divisive essay.
  6. first person
    What Open Marriage Taught One Man About FeminismBefore my wife started sleeping with other men, I considered myself a feminist, but I only understood it in the abstract.
  7. adventures in sex
    My Open, Sexless MarriageFor six years, my sex life has been mostly extramarital.