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Open Relationships

  1. breakups
    That’s One Way to Announce Your SeparationIn a three-hour sit-down with the New York Times, Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray said they are seeing other people.
  2. relationships
    I Approach Polyamory With the Same Drive I Do My WorkWithout apology and with lots of trial and error.
  3. self
    ‘I May Be Bisexual,’ From Rachel Krantz’s Memoir, OpenWriter Rachel Krantz investigates her own sexuality through indulging her partner’s fantasy.
  4. celebrity couples
    The World’s Most Chaotic Relationship Continues to Torment MeTana Mongeau and Jake Paul are “taking a break” from their open marriage.
  5. relationships
    I Refuse to Believe That Polyamory Is Killing Off ParrotsThe parrots should try to communicate better with their multiple partners.
  6. sex diaries
    The Man Planning a Thanksgiving ThreesomeThis week’s sex diary.
  7. it’s complicated
    The Struggle of Setting Digital Boundaries in an Open RelationshipIt didn’t bother me that my boyfriend was spending the night with someone else – until I saw it unfold online.
  8. science of us
    How to Ask Your Partner for an Open RelationshipA guide to minimizing hurt feelings and ensuring that you both feel heard.
  9. it’s complicated
    The Frustration of Being an Open-Relationship Guru to All My FriendsWhat I wish people knew: Just because my partner and I aren’t monogamous doesn’t mean we have everything figured out.
  10. married women
    What Happens When a Married Woman Goes on Tinder?I didn’t know what to expect. What I found made me want more.
  11. ask pollypalooza
    Ask Polly: He Wanted an Open Relationship. Why Wasn’t I Enough?You’ll be enough for the right person.
  12. evolutionary stumbling blocks
    Prehistoric STDs Might Explain MonogamyPolygamy isn’t so cool when you’re infertile.
  13. Mo’Nique’s Husband Has a ‘Pass to Cheat’She does too. “I don’t want to be owned anymore,” she said.
  14. sex diaries
    The Bisexual Grad Student Laughing at Fifty Shades of GreyThis week’s sex diary.
  15. sex diaries
    The Squeaky-Clean Artist in an Open RelationshipThe Sex Diaries return for a special summer edition.
  16. Are Threesomes a Gateway Drug to Open Relationships?“Five years into our relationship, I let my boyfriend sleep with another woman.”
  17. adventures in sex
    My Open, Sexless MarriageFor six years, my sex life has been mostly extramarital.