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  1. true crime
    Doctor Accused of Having Wife Killed So She Wouldn’t Expose His Opioid RingDr. James Kauffman was charged with first-degree murder over five years after April Kauffman’s death.
  2. An Alarming Number of People Don’t Know the Signs of Prescription-Drug AbuseThe authors of a new survey argue that we all need to brush up on our mental-health literacy.
  3. mental health
    Half of Painkiller Prescriptions Go to People With Anxiety and DepressionA troubling finding, as both opioid-prescription rates and anxiety and depression diagnoses are on the rise.
  4. Covering the Opioid Epidemic As a Journalist — and Former Heroin AddictOne journalist’s story.
  5. Cat Marnell’s Memoir Provides a Window Into 2000s-Era Doctor ShoppingResearchers believe the practice was a major factor in the painkiller abuse we see today.
  6. Prince Is the Most Famous Face of the Opioid Epidemic That’s Devouring America“We need to see the Prince in all of us.”
  7. race
    Is Racism ‘Saving’ Black People From Opioid Overdoses?There could be an unanticipated positive side effect to how bad some white doctors are at dealing with black pain.
  8. opioids
    Teen Abuse of Painkillers Has Fallen Almost 50 Percent in the Last DecadeSo says an encouraging new government report.