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Oprah Winfrey

  1. girlfriends
    Wonder What Michelle and Oprah Are Doing Right NowOh, sipping cucumber-basil drinks and watching the moon rise over the ridge.
  2. no kids
    Oprah Says Her Hypothetical Kids Would Hypothetically Hate HerIt would take a whole new Oprah show to address their hypothetical troubles. 
  3. big hair
    First Look: The Flashy, Fabulous Ladies of the ’80sEighties glamour shots of Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Brooke Shields, and more.
  4. furniture
    You’ll Be Your Best Self If You Own Oprah’s Old Furniture Oprah is selling a bunch of her furniture.
  5. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls: Who Looked Best on the Summer Movie Circuit?The second annual red-carpet report cards.
  6. wig-outs
    Oprah Wears Enormous Yet Slimming Afro on New Magazine CoverThat hair!
  7. sad diets
    The Vogue Dieters: Katy Perry, Oprah, Diet Mom, and More“I kind of went on a cleanse.”
  8. role models
    Martha Stewart’s Best Lesson: Don’t Give a DamnShe doesn’t care at all if people like her, which is why she’s been so successful.
  9. mogul talk
    Why Do Millennials Love Martha But Not Oprah?The ex-con domestic goddess crosses the irony threshold.
  10. you get a car
    Do People Still Buy Oprah’s Favorite Things?HARPO’s president and fashion brands parse through this week’s OWN special with the Cut.
  11. Oprah Winfrey Got to Keep Her Shirt On, It SeemsAt Terry Richardson’s studio, that’s a rare thing.
  12. hairy situations
    Oprah Shows Her Natural Hair on the Cover of O for the First TimeFor September’s “Makeover” issue.
  13. loose threads
    Tag Heuer Taps Diaz; Oprah Wins DVF AwardPlus, Sears selling very rude kids’ T-shirts, John Varvatos gets bought out, and more fashion news.
  14. pip pip hooray
    Barbara Walters and Oprah Are Reportedly Fighting Over Pippa MiddletonAnd Ellen’s getting in the mix, too.
  15. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Wendi Murdoch, Piers Morgan, Jessica Alba, and More at Lincoln Center Presents: An Evening With Ralph Lauren Hosted by Oprah WinfreyPlus Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Anna Wintour, Dylan Lauren, and more.
  16. beauty marks
    Exhibition Magazine Devotes an Issue to Lipstick; Oprah’s Hairstylist Debuts His Own Hair-Care LineAlso, MAC just got a new senior vice-president of global artist training, development, and makeup artistry.
  17. beauty marks
    Kelly Osbourne Painted Her Entire Body Gold; Amanda Seyfriend Is the New Face of Clé de Peau BeautéPlus, Catherine McNeil chopped her hair into a bob and dyed it black.
  18. loose threads
    See Gisele’s New Cover; Oprah Helped Gaga Get on the Met Gala StageAlso, Hamish Bowles wore jeans for the first time since he was 19.
  19. party lines
    Walking Up Stairs in Dresses Proves Treacherous for Met Gala GuestsAlso, Anna Wintour explains how her hair stayed frizz-free despite the humidity.
  20. model tracker
    Naomi Campbell on Oprah: ‘It’s Like We Don’t Have Feelings’The model revealed her raw, human side on the show today.
  21. loose threads
    Naomi Campbell Talks Cell Phones on Oprah; YouTube Singer Lands Bra DealAlso, the new McQ look book is out.
  22. the ball
    Christian Siriano Is Dressing Someone for the Met BallWe know it’s not Oprah, since Oscar de la Renta is dressing her.
  23. just pants
    Video: Lady Gaga Talks to Oprah About Her OutfitsAnd then there’s her hair …
  24. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Seems to Have a Thing for Purple DressesShe wore a purple velvet number to film Oprah’s Christmas special over the weekend.
  25. beauty marks
    Du Juan to Launch Makeup Line; Demi Moore Proves She AgesAnd Japanese swimmers can’t show their beauty flare.
  26. integrity
    Shoppers Can’t Try On Clothes at the Oprah StoreTo preserve their “integrity” and ensure that Oprah was the last person to wear them.
  27. beauty marks
    John Galliano’s Last-Minute Facials; Obama’s Barber on Presidential Gray HairAnd Chris Rock touched Oprah’s hair.
  28. the ball
    Oprah Winfrey and Patrick Robinson to Co-chair the Next Met GalaAnd the clothes in the exhibit are coming from Brooklyn.
  29. beauty marks
    Keira Knightley’s Photoshopped Fragrance Campaign; Oprah Loves How Jay-Z SmellsAnd Phillip Lim and Henry Holland are both creating scents for the next Six Scents Fragrance Initiative series.
  30. tyra mail
    Tyra Banks Is the Fifth Most Influential Woman in MediaSo says ‘Forbes’ in one of their fancy lists.
  31. wintour wonderland
    60 Minutes Outtakes: Anna Wintour on Fur, Photoshop, and Obese People“I had just been on a trip to Minnesota where I can only kindly describe most of the people that I saw as little houses.”
  32. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle on Oprah: Still Frumpy and HappyShe colored her hair to ‘tidy up a bit, like any other female.’
  33. beauty marks
    Peacock Hair Wins Competition; Oprah Wants Everyone to Know She Doesn’t Wear a WeaveAlso, sideburns and fades are coming back. Can you handle it?
  34. loose threads
    Disgruntled PPR Workers Descend on Pinault; Jessica Biel Is William Rast’s MuseAlso, is a baby feud brewing between Gisele and the mother of her husband’s kid?
  35. loose threads
    H&M Profits Down for the First Time in Five Years; Oprah Delves Into William RastAlso ‘Hills’ executive producer Adam DiVello is really mad that Audrina got her own show.
  36. it's valentino day!
    Valentino Still Happy With His SuccessorsHe still calls them his “assistants,” but they can’t win ‘em all.
  37. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Wears Michael Kors on the Cover of OAlso, a highly questionable clear plastic belt.
  38. beauty marks
    Britney Spears to Launch Seventh Fragrance; How to Get ‘Mad Men’ HairPlus, makeup artist Dick Page collaborates with Shiseido, and you can style your hair like Don Draper for Halloween.
  39. what you should be doing right now
    The Olsens Are on ‘Oprah’ Right Now!And they’re talking about their diets!
  40. body issues
    Oprah’s, Gwyneth’s, and Beyoncé’s Delusional Detox DietsDoctors say detox diets don’t really improve your health. But let’s take a look at the extreme plans a few famous ladies follow anyway.
  41. beauty marks
    Oprah and Gayle King Love Yves Saint Laurent CosmeticsOprah and Gayle King unveiled their favorite summer makeup products, French organic-cosmetics company Patyka is opening in New York, and Knotheads are hair bands that don’t tug strands out.
  42. loose threads
    Teens Love Rachel Bilson, Victoria’s Secret, and Hot TopicDKNY hopes Rachel Bilson’s line will lure teens back to the juniors’ denim department; meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld dislikes food and children.