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  1. celebrity
    The Biggest Takeaways From Oprah’s Ozempic SpecialIn her new special, Oprah gets candid about her experience using weight-loss drugs.
  2. health
    66th GRAMMY Awards - Show
    Oprah Left WeightWatchers to Avoid a ‘Conflict of Interest’“I wanted to be able to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about.”
  3. celebrity
    Oprah Is Really Leaning Into OzempicShe’ll be hosting a prime-time special about weight-loss drugs later this month.
  4. celebrity
    81st Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
    Oprah Is Breaking Up With WeightWatchersAfter nine years on the board, she announced she’s stepping down and donating her stock.
  5. style
    This British Vogue Cover Is a Feat of SchedulingEdward Enninful flexes his ability to get Oprah and Kate Moss into the same room.
  6. celebrity
    Mo’Nique Says Oprah ‘Betrayed’ HerThe comedian revisited her yearslong feud with the mogul in a new interview.
  7. celebrity
    Imagine Feeding Oprah Pizza in a BagThat’s exactly what the Critics Choice Awards served their nominees on Sunday night.
  8. power
    Untangling the Drama Behind The Color PurpleClaims of pay inequity and disrespect have been plaguing the film.
  9. celebrity
    Oprah Denies Rumors That She’s Feuding With Taraji P. HensonShe shut down claims that they have any bad blood over The Color Purple.
  10. health
    WeightWatchers Is Now Prescribing OzempicFor a fee, people will have access to clinicians who can prescribe weight-loss drugs.
  11. celebrity
    Oprah Says She’s Taking Weight-Loss DrugsShe’s “done with the shaming” around medications like Ozempic.
  12. culture
    Oprah Says She’s Never Been to Therapy“I had all my therapy on the show in front of everybody,” she told Drew Barrymore.
  13. ugh
    Meghan Markle Wins Court Case Against Her Half-SisterMaybe her estranged family will leave her alone now.
  14. celebrity
    The Most Candid Moments From Oprah + ViolaEven as an adult, Davis said she often felt like “the damaged little girl who really, really believed she was ugly, that she was not enough.”
  15. dream collabs
    Please Give Us a Britney Spears Oprah InterviewIt’s what the people want and what Britney deserves!
  16. commitment
    I Don’t Know the Words Either, OprahRaw footage of Oprah passionately trying to remember the lyrics to “Hello.”
  17. besties
    If Oprah Showed Up at My House Unannounced, I Would Be So MadShe and bestie Gayle King are doing just that in their new road-trip series, The OG Chronicles.
  18. tv
    Oprah and Prince Harry Made a TV ShowThe Me You Can’t See sees the duo interviewing a host of celebrity guests about mental health, and opening up about their own struggles.
  19. culture
    Don’t Miss Elliot Page’s Oprah InterviewThe actor opened up about his recent transition and painful early days of fame in his first TV interview since coming out as trans.
  20. celebrity
    Elliot Page Sat Down for an Emotional Interview with OprahThe actor’s first TV interview since coming out as trans will be released this Friday.
  21. keeping up with the royals
    The U.K. Tabloids Are Having a Meltdown Over the Meghan and Harry Interview They are taking about as much accountability as the Palace is.
  22. keeping up with the royals
    A Closer Look at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah OutfitsHarry wore a J.Crew suit and Meghan wore a dress by Giorgio Armani.
  23. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle Says ‘Concerns Were Raised’ About Archie’s Skin ColorWithout naming names, she said there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born.”
  24. keeping up with the royals
    The Attacks on Meghan Markle Could Not Be More TransparentU.K. tabloids are horrified by the prospect of the duchess expressing herself freely.
  25. keeping up with the royals
    What You Should Know About Meghan & HarryA brief primer ahead of their tell-all interview with Oprah.
  26. the royals
    Meghan Markle Accuses the Palace of ‘Perpetuating Falsehoods’The new teaser for her and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah couldn’t have come at a better time.
  27. the royals
    Is the Palace Trying to Smear Meghan Markle?Tensions are high ahead of her and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah.
  28. the royals
    Harry and Meghan’s Oprah Interview Certainly Seems JuicyAccording to Oprah, the new tell-all conversation features “shocking” revelations.
  29. clubhouse
    Everything You Need to Know About ClubhouseWhy do I need to be invited?
  30. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan and Harry’s Tell-All Interview Is Finally ComingOprah will moderate the “wide-ranging” and “intimate conversation.”
  31. fashion
    Oprah Picks a Telfar Bag As One of Her ‘Favorite Things’“I take the cream one with me everywhere,” she says.
  32. books
    Oprah Wants to ‘Hear All Sides’ in American Dirt ControversyHer upcoming Apple TV+ event will purportedly “bring people together … to talk about this book, and who gets to publish what stories.”
  33. keeping up with the royals
    Finally, Oprah Has Weighed in on Meghan and Harry’s New LifeShe’s the latest of the couple’s friends to comment on the royal exit.
  34. big mom energy
    Find Someone Who Loves You Like Oprah Loves Lady GagaThe pair shared a warm and effusive embrace during the media mogul’s wellness tour.
  35. celebrity
    Bradley Cooper Helps Katy Perry Get Far From the ShallowAfter the singer became stuck to a dinghy while vacationing in Italy.
  36. 2020 election
    Should Pete Buttigieg Change His Name for Oprah?She said in an interview, “I call him Buttabeep, Buttaboop.”
  37. oprah’s favorite things
    The Real Reason Oprah Can Afford All Those HousesShe’s not out there dropping “$19 on smashed avocado.”
  38. payday
    What I Bought With My Oprah’s Book Club MoneyAuthor Tayari Jones never thought her writing would pay the bills. Then, Oprah called.
  39. parties!
    The Best-est Party Looks of the WeekendOne awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
  40. opraaahhh
    What Do You Even Say When You Meet Oprah?Ashley Graham tried her best when she encountered the media mogul.
  41. ‘tis the season
    We Threw a Fantasy Potluck With Oprah, Gloria Steinem, and North WestHere’s what happened at our (imaginary) dinner party.
  42. oprah’s favorite things
    It’s Time to Indulge in Oprah’s Favorite ThingsThe annual list of soft items and luxury food has arrived.
  43. knock knock it’s oprah
    Knock Knock, Who’s There? Oh My God — It’s Oprah!Oprah is going door-to-door in Georgia to get out the vote for Stacey Abrams.
  44. 2018 georgia governor race
    Mike Pence to Oprah: ‘I’m Kind of a Big Deal, Too’Hmmm.
  45. 2018 georgia governor race
    Oprah Is Going to Georgia to Campaign for Stacey AbramsIn addition to holding two town halls, she’s going to go door-to-door (!!) to talk to voters.
  46. nyfw spring 2019
    Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary Show Brought Glamour Back To NYCOprah, Robert de Niro, Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart, Kanye West and more were among the guests.
  47. nyfw spring 2019
    Oprah Gives Loving Toast to Ralph Lauren“We are here to celebrate you, Ralph Lauren, and 50 years of you designing our dreams.”
  48. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Kirstie Alley’s Bikini Reveal on OprahThe lead-up was so excessive, you’d think that she was preparing us for something more groundbreaking than a woman wearing a swimsuit on television.
  49. oprah 2020
    Oprah Says a Presidential Run Would ‘Kill’ HerShe discussed politics with British Vogue.
  50. 420 blaze it
    Martha Stewart Simply Cannot Believe That Oprah Smokes Weed“End of Oprah,” she rudely proclaims.
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