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  1. serenity now
    14 Things You Need to Know to Talk About Transcendental MeditationYes, you need a mantra. 
  2. the big o
    I Survived a Weekend With the Cult of OprahEight hours at her biggest arena tour ever.
  3. so tired
    Weary Oprah Lies Down on the Carpet for Next O Magazine CoverSO tired. 
  4. birthdays
    You Don’t Have to Be Oprah to Torture Your FriendsSoulCycle birthdays for everyone.
  5. celebrity tea
    Oprah Will Make You a Cozy, Comforting Cup of Tea NowAn Oprah chai. 
  6. butt-dial
    Lindsay Lohan Butt-Dials OprahIs there a better person to accidentally call?
  7. the billionaires club
    There Are More Female Billionaires Than EverHere’s to progress and making cheddar.
  8. happy birthday to you
    Happy 60th, Oprah! Here Are 60 Weird Favorite Things of YoursA life of superlatives.
  9. canceled
    Oprah Is Too Popular for a Birthday PartyNo 60th birthday festivities for life’s greatest celebrator.
  10. spin cycle
    Oprah Just Had the Best Birthday Experience EverOprah’s soul goes to SoulCycle.
  11. o no
    Will Oprah Retire As Perpetual Cover Girl of O?Please, nO.
  12. sag awards 2014
    The Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Kookiest at the 2014 SAG AwardsJumpsuits, (alleged) armpit vaginas, and Oprah. 
  13. The Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Has a Start Date It cost $2 million and a lot of Oprah anxiety.
  14. Oprah Looks Incredible on the Cover of a Magazine Other than OAnd gets edgy in some  custom Alaïa for the latest W.
  15. no kids
    Oprah Says Her Hypothetical Kids Would Hypothetically Hate HerIt would take a whole new Oprah show to address their hypothetical troubles. 
  16. the power of passive thinking
    How to ‘Secret’ Christy Turlington Into Your LifeUsing the law of attraction for only the most important things.
  17. white trash meets high class
    Oprah: Skinny, Naked, and Screaming on Your Dress“White trash meets high-class” designer Peggy Noland brings you a garment that perfectly straddles fascinating and repulsive.
  18. big things
    Oprah Plays With Proportions Again, Looks AwesomeLong trains and mini Jimmy Kimmel = supermodel stature.
  19. lists
    Oprah Doesn’t Have a ‘Shit List’Her thoughts are made of abounding love and moonlight. Why don’t you know that, Jenny McCarthy?
  20. i am not oprah
    No, I Will Not Dress As Oprah for Halloween Just Because I’m BlackNavigating costumes in “post-racial America.”
  21. furniture
    You’ll Be Your Best Self If You Own Oprah’s Old Furniture Oprah is selling a bunch of her furniture.
  22. phobias
    Gayle King Has an Inexplicable Aversion to Buttons“Watch what I wear — I very, very seldom wear anything with buttons.”
  23. Watch Oprah Talk About Wearing That Giant WigHer head wavered from the weight.
  24. hairy situations
    The Details Behind Oprah’s Giant Afro Wig It took seven bags of hair.
  25. quotables
    Tory Burch Is Thankful for Oprah; We’re Thankful for Livia FirthFrom one billionaire to another.
  26. the supremes
    Sonia Sotomayor Quickly Becoming the Oprah of the Supreme CourtLong may she reign.
  27. you get a car
    Do People Still Buy Oprah’s Favorite Things?HARPO’s president and fashion brands parse through this week’s OWN special with the Cut.
  28. loose threads
    Lena Dunham Proud of Her Backward OutfitPlus, Karlie Kloss stars in Neiman Marcus’s holiday film.
  29. haircuts
    Rihanna Lost Some Hair She went for the big crop chop.
  30. beauty marks
    Anderson Cooper Gets Cheap Haircuts; Kim K SuedPlus, Rooney Mara wore dark lipstick, and more beauty news.
  31. oprah
    25 Years of OprahA look back at Oprah’s style evolution.
  32. model tracker
    Transgender Model Lea T Will Appear on One of Oprah’s Last ShowsBeats the standard celebrity fare.
  33. fashion week preview
    Garment District Heroes: Meet the People Who Make Fashion Week HappenThese garment-district workers make a big behind-the-scenes impact on NYFW.