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  1. as told to
    13 Years in Search of an OrgasmA 30-year-old woman has tried everything from herbs to different sex positions to nerve-blocking shots to find a release.
  2. first person
    Outsourcing My OrgasmAn erotic massage gave me back the body I thought I’d lost.
  3. excerpt
    Book Excerpt: ‘Let Me Finish’ From ‘Cleopatra and Frankenstein’Zoe, too broke for plans, finds herself at a free Friday-night orgasm workshop. She leaves dissatisfied — and with a tempting job offer.
  4. science of us
    What I Learned From Interviewing All the Women I Know About Their OrgasmsWhat would they want a partner to know?
  5. science of us
    What Happened When I Attempted a Monthlong ‘Orgasm Cleanse’It involved crystals and a glass dildo.
  6. sex lives
    25 Famous Women on OrgasmsOn faking it, demanding one, and using creative tactics.
  7. american heros
    Nicki Minaj Heroically Demands an Orgasm Every TimeNo man, women, or child can rest until this dream has been achieved.
  8. wearable tech
    Maybe This Female Condom Will Be Something Other Than a Vibrating Vagina-LinerA new contraceptive that promises high returns. 
  9. sex reeducation
    Sorry, Freud: Vaginal Orgasms Might Not Exist It’s great when science confirms what we already knew.
  10. faking orgasms
    Study: Women Fake Orgasms for Their Own PleasureFake it till you make it.
  11. odd jobs
    Sex for Science Is Mad BoringIt’s a job, and it sounds stressful.
  12. faking it
    Flash Mob Does When Harry Met Sally and Fakes Orgasms Over SandwichesFlash mobs: Can I interest you in the afternoon off?
  13. adventures in sex
    I Went to a Female Masturbation Class“Genital show and tell” with an octogenarian.
  14. adventures in sex
    The Onstage Orgasm, and Other Creatively Climactic TalesA Method actress describes orgasm to Naomi Wolf, in an excerpt from Vagina: A New Biography.
  15. adventures in sex
    Do These Leggings Cause Orgasms, or Is It Just Me?I thought women who claimed to have exercise orgasms were lying. Then I got a new pair of running tights and became one.
  16. lists
    Things That Cause Orgasms in Females, According to the InternetPeeing, yawning, sitting, thinking.
  17. beauty marks
    Miranda Kerr Swears by Noni Juice; Susan Boyle Thankful for BotoxAnd Marchesa designed a free gift bag for Drugstore.com.