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Orrin Hatch

  1. whoops
    Senator Gets Caught Taking Off Imaginary GlassesIt happens.
  2. bangers
    The Ultimate Orrin Hatch Party PlaylistNow that he’s retiring, the GOP senator can finally get back to his true passion: music.
  3. reading comprehension
    Senator Orrin Hatch ‘Grateful’ for Editorial About His ‘Utter Lack of Integrity’Did he read the story?
  4. 420 blaze it
    Can You Find All the Weed Puns in This Senator’s Marijuana-Bill Announcement?Orrin Hatch really wants you to know he “gets” weed.
  5. politics
    Senator Uses Term ‘Shot Their Wad,’ Clarifies He Meant It the Civil War WayThe senator used an interesting term to describe the GOP’s health-care defeat.