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Oscar Isaac

  1. boyfriends
    Hot Oscar FallSad Girl Fall? I don’t know her.
  2. internet boyfriends
    Why Are All Your Boyfriends in the ‘Dune’ Reboot?Timmy & Oscar & Jason & Javier, oh my!
  3. nyfw fall 2019
    All Your Boyfriends Partied With a RobotRag & Bone’s A Last Supper featured a very Distinguished Guest.
  4. Internet Boyfriends Team Up to Discuss How Best to Please YouNice of them.
  5. everybody dance now
    Let Oscar Isaac’s Dancing Hypnotize You Until It’s the WeekendDance, Oscar, dance!
  6. thirst traps
    Rude Dog Doesn’t Even Smile When Cuddled in Oscar Isaac’s CoatThat dog does not know how good he has it.
  7. the internet’s boyfriend
    Of Course Oscar Isaac, the Internet’s Boyfriend, Is Good With KidsThe Force in my heart awakens.
  8. what the hell oscar isaac
    Oscar Isaac Rudely Kisses Woman at the Golden Globes, Overwhelms TwitterYour boyfriend kissed another woman at an awards show.
  9. imaginary boyfriends
    How the Internet Picks Its BoyfriendsOscar Isaac, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch — they’re all Tumblr fantasy material for a reason.
  10. party pics
    Armani Hosts Glam ’80s-Style Premiere Party for A Most Violent YearJessica Chastain stole the show in custom Giorgio Armani.
  11. princess grace foundation
    Cary Fukunaga, Oscar Isaac Honored By Dior and the Princess Grace FoundationActor Oscar Isaac also got the nod.
  12. male gaze
    Male Gaze: A Pensive Oscar Isaac on the Cover of MSo serious.