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Oscars 2022

  1. comedy
    Chris Rock Has More to Say About Jada Pinkett SmithAnd it’s not an apology.
  2. celebrity
    Will Smith’s Oscar TikTok Is the Only Acceptable Slap Joke“Did you know that you can pick any object, look at it, and ask it what it thinks of you?”
  3. celebrity
    So Is Red Table Talk Going to Address the Slap or Not?Jada Pinkett Smith is in “deep healing.”
  4. oscars 2022
    The Academy Has Taken Action on the SlapWill Smith will be banned from the organization’s events, including the Oscars, for ten years.
  5. the oscars
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Oscars’ Swag BagsThis year’s included a small plot of land in Scotland and free liposuction.
  6. thanks!
    Let This Be the Final Word on the Slap“I’m just so already dramatically bored of hearing people’s opinions about it,” says Daniel Radcliffe, correctly.
  7. oscars 2022
    Chris Rock Has Addressed the SlapThe comedian is “still processing” post-Oscars.
  8. oscars 2022
    Zoë Kravitz Has Waded Into the Slap DiscourseSurprise: Not everyone agrees with her.
  9. culture
    The Price of Being Invited to the PartyAwards shows have a long tradition of humbling the Black women they claim to celebrate.
  10. celebrity
    Oh, to Have Meditated Through the Oscars SlapOnly Questlove knows peace.
  11. celebrity
    Jada Pinkett-Smith Is Ready to HealShe posted a cryptic message on Instagram on Tuesday.
  12. celebrity
    Do Not Ask Angus Cloud to ElaborateJust let the man enjoy the Oscars after-party!
  13. oscars 2022
    This Is How an Oscars Look Stays Wrinkle Free All NightThe answer is not what you think.
  14. oscars 2022
    Will Smith’s Instagram Apology Has ArrivedThe slap saga continues.
  15. culture
    What We’re Not Talking About When We Talk About Last Night’s SlapThe discourse is missing nuance.
  16. oscars 2022
    Will Smith Was Ready to Party Last NightVideos show him singing and dancing to his own songs at the Oscars after-party.
  17. alopecia
    Ayanna Pressley Says She’s ‘Team Jada’The congresswoman tweeted about the “psychological toll” of living with alopecia.
  18. spooky!
    Julia Fox Has Out-Foxed HerselfShe showed up at the Oscars after-party in a literal choker.
  19. oscars 2022
    How Were The Oscars After Party Looks Better Than The Actual Award Looks?Finally, some fun.
  20. celebrity
    Celebrities Are Still Reeling From Last Night’s SlapThey’re just like us.
  21. oscars 2022
    The Oscar Hosts Didn’t Come to Play NiceYes, there was an obligatory dig at Leonardo DiCaprio.
  22. oscars 2022
    Thank God, Gaga Made It to the OscarsShe presented the Best Picture award with Liza Minelli.
  23. oscars 2022
    Encanto Is for Hotties Now“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” featuring … Megan Thee Stallion?
  24. oscars 2022
    The Best, Hottest, and Most Glamorous Looks at the 2022 OscarsFrom Kristen Stewart’s Chanel hot pants to Zoë Kravitz’s sweet Saint Laurent gown.
  25. oscars 2022
    The 12 Best Beauty Looks From the Oscars 2022 Red CarpetStarring Serena Williams’s sleek bob.
  26. oscars 2022
    Curious About Ansel Elgort’s Oscars Invite?Let’s discuss.
  27. oscars 2022
    How Venus Williams Got Her Glowy Oscars LookHer makeup artist Karina Milan said that no matter what, “The goal is always for Venus to look her best.”
  28. oscars 2022
    No, Jacob Elordi Is Definitely TallHe and his tiny earring are lying to you.
  29. oscars 2022
    Regina Hall Is Single and Administering COVID TestsThank you for your service.
  30. oscars 2022
    Will Beyoncé Win Her First Oscar Tonight?She opened the 2022 Academy Awards with a performance of “Stay Alive.”
  31. oscars 2022
    Zendaya’s Oscars Outfit Seems FamiliarSharon Stone wore something similar in 1998, only it was the Gap.
  32. oscars 2022
    Rachel Zegler Made It to the OscarsWe did it, Joe!
  33. oscars 2022
    Kristen Stewart Wore Shorts to the OscarsAn impeccable choice!
  34. oscars 2022
    Jada Pinkett Smith Stuns On the 2022 Oscars Red CarpetDo I want to cut all my hair off, too?
  35. oscars 2022
    The Color of the Oscar’s 2022 Red Carpet Is … RedSeems like everyone got the memo.
  36. oscars 2022
    Forgetting Something, Timothée?The Dune star made a fashion statement with a lack thereof.
  37. oscars 2022
    Did Kravis Just Krash the Oscars?Kourtney, the first Dash doll to step onto the Academy Awards red carpet.
  38. oscars 2022
    Rita Moreno Loves Her Oscars Hat, Sue Her “I love the way I look. Kill me.”
  39. oscars 2022
    Jacob Elordi Wins Best Little EarringCongratulations to all of us.
  40. oscars 2022
    All the Looks From the 2022 Oscars Red CarpetZendaya, Regina Hall, Timothée Chalamet, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Ariana DeBose, and more.
  41. award show drama
    Rachel Zegler Is Officially in Need of an Oscar Outfit“See you on Sunday!”
  42. oscars 2022
    It’s Time for the Oscars AgainHow to watch the 94th Academy Awards this weekend.
  43. awards season
    Tom Holland Is Coming for That Oscar… Host“Of course I would host the f—ing Oscars!”