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Our Bodies Ourselves

  1. our bodies ourselves
    8 Women on Their Post-Baby BodiesScars, acne, weight gain, and all.
  2. our bodies ourselves
    The Start-up That’s Driving Black Women to Yoga“I hope that more women of color will be able to center with self-care and self-love in their own lives, and not making it this marginalized thing that you only do on a Saturday.”
  3. our bodies ourselves
    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Butt InjectionsA plumping primer. 
  4. our casual dysmorphia
    What 10 Nude Athletes Can Teach You About Loving Your Body“I think it’s important to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.”
  5. our bodies ourselves
    The Tao of Diaz: 10 Things Dr. Cameron Teaches Us About Our BodiesBig Sis Cam tells you everything you maybe already knew about your vagina.
  6. Sky Ferreira Doesn’t Care If Her Feminist Nudity Angers You“At this point, I feel like I’m doing a bad job of being a feminist if I’m not making someone angry.”
  7. first look
    First Look: Anatomy by Malerie Marder [NSFW]A different look at the Netherlands’s female prostitutes.
  8. our bodies our selfies
    Our Bodies, Our Selfies: Can Showing Your Labia Make You Feel ‘Normal’?The Large Labia Project and body image in the age of Internet porn.
  9. our casual dysmorphia
    Study: Being a Fat Woman Is CriminalMale jurors judge obese female defendants more harshly.
  10. our bodies ourselves
    Diet Contests Turn American Workplaces Into Lord of the Flies ScenariosBiscotti sabotage, Bieber shaming, and more.
  11. our casual dysmoprhia
    Confirmed: Diets Are DepressingLike drug withdrawal but with more agoraphobia. 
  12. our bodies ourselves
    Every Single Woman in America Is Now ‘Curvy’The big fat lies we use to talk about Hollywood bodies. And our own, too.