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Our Casual Dysmorphia

  1. our casual dysmorphia
    Disturbing Study Looks at the Effectiveness of ThinspoImages of thin people can change how much you eat.
  2. our casual dysmorphia
    Teen Girls With Body Image Issues Are More Likely to DrinkSays a sad new study.
  3. our casual dysmorphia
    There’s No One Type of Runner’s BodyCurve model Candice Huffine on her new women’s running club.
  4. if it sounds too good to be true
    Freezing Off Your Fat Could Actually Produce More FatThe treatment only works temporarily in some people.
  5. our casual dysmorphia
    Women Are Still Terrified of Being OverweightGuess the body-positive movement still has some work to do.
  6. our casual dysmorphia
    More and More Teen Girls Want to Get Plastic Surgery on Their LabiaEnough teen girls are requesting cosmetic surgery on their labia that a leading gynecologic group felt the need to step in.
  7. our casual dysmorphia
    World’s Worst Mirror Scans Your Body and Tells You Precisely How Fat You AreEnhanced body shame for just $499.
  8. our casual dysmorphia
    The Self-Described Curvy Model Who Launched a Body-Positivity ProjectWomen all over the world were asking Jessica Vander Leahy for body-image advice, so she decided to turn a seemingly private topic into a public one.
  9. our casual dysmorphia
    What 10 Nude Athletes Can Teach You About Loving Your Body“I think it’s important to show that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.”
  10. at the beach
    Living in L.A. Made Me Get Over My Body IssuesLife as a 2.5 in the land of the permanent beachbod.
  11. our casual dysmorphia
    Kelly Clarkson Talks Future Baby WeightWhatever, everyone’s a jerk anyways.
  12. our casual dysmorphia
    The Skinny Mirror: Cheaper Than TherapyFor $165, you can feel Photoshopped.
  13. body politic
    On Christine Quinn: Must We (All) Talk About Our Eating Disorders?Though rampant, eating disorders are still a source of embarrassment among powerful women.
  14. it’s vintage
    The ‘Best Figure in Hollywood’ in 1931“She would be far more beautiful if she were heavier.”
  15. spanx for men
    Brad Pitt Can Wear Spanx If He Wants ToA rumor about his “pudgy midsection.”
  16. Kim Kardashian’s Body Guru Has a Liquid Diet for Middle AmericaJust don’t call it a juice cleanse.
  17. girls girls girls
    Will Girls Be Believable Now That the Actresses Look ‘Hollywood’?Allison Williams’s weight loss gets discussed in season two.
  18. non-resolutions
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Not on a DietYet.
  19. our casual dysmorphia
    Study: Being a Fat Woman Is CriminalMale jurors judge obese female defendants more harshly.
  20. our bodies ourselves
    Diet Contests Turn American Workplaces Into Lord of the Flies ScenariosBiscotti sabotage, Bieber shaming, and more.
  21. reality bites
    Fat Girl Revenge to Make Us Eat Many FeelingsAnd then how will we fight off bullies?
  22. model law
    Israel’s Ban on Too-Skinny Models Went Into Effect TodayWill 2013 be the year of the substantial inner thigh?
  23. our casual dysmorphia
    Study: Your Vagina Is Fine How It IsContrary to what vaginal-rejuvenation providers want you to think.
  24. the end of men
    Now Men Hate Their Bodies As Much As Women DoNot the kind of equality we’re looking for. 
  25. hurricane sandy
    Four New Eating Habits Forced Upon Us by SandyAll the good snacks are gone before landfall.
  26. our casual dysmorphia
    No One Feels Bad About Lena Dunham’s ThighsPhew. 
  27. our casual dysmorphia
    Have Lady Gaga’s Underwear Pics Made You Love Your Lumpy, Misshapen Body Yet?Or do they make you want to do back-to-back spin classes?