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Our Selfies Ourselves

  1. our selfies ourselves
    How a 10-Year-Old Vlogger Went From YouTube to the Cannes Red CarpetHow Instagram and YouTube are spawning the new child star.
  2. our selfies ourselves
    Why Michelle Phan Left YouTube to Find ‘True Happiness’Her first YouTube video after going dark in over a year.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Runner Kelly Roberts Snagged a Royal Selfie During the London MarathonThe runner and blogger got a mid-marathon selfie with Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.
  4. our selfies ourselves
    Simone Biles Has Big Plans for the VMAsPrepare yourself for a Simone Biles and Kim Kardashian selfie-athon.
  5. 2016 olympics
    Olympians Took So Many Selfies at the Opening Ceremony Last NightHey, they’re only human.
  6. snapchat
    The Possibility of 3-D Snapchat Selfies Is Utterly ChillingSnapchat needs to calm down.
  7. our selfies ourselves
    Your Selfies Are Welcome at the WhitneyNo more shame.
  8. our selfies ourselves
    Is This How You Take a Perfect Selfie?With help from a bot.
  9. our selfies ourselves
    Selfies Kill More People Than SharksGet out of the water, er, Instagram.
  10. our selfies ourselves
    A Model With a Selfie Stick Takes on ManhattanA short video starring Dree Hemingway.
  11. our selfies ourselves
    Hero Selfie Stick Saves Vacationing TeenAfter a girl was caught in a riptide, her father used the selfie stick to pull her toward shore.
  12. our selfies ourselves
    Lena Dunham Selfied With Kim Kardashian’s SelfishMeta.
  13. our selfies ourselves
    Kim Kardashian Taught Me How to Take a Selfie“Keep your chin up.”
  14. fools
    Keep Your Selfie Shoes Away From MeA dumb joke, a worse idea. 
  15. our selfies ourselves
    Selfie Festival Known As Coachella Boldly Bans the Selfie Stick And its main operator, the Narcissist.
  16. our selfies ourselves
    Learning to Love the Babies of InstagramI did not think I’d be one of those parents, BUT I AM.
  17. our selfies ourselves
    Quit Worrying and Embrace the Art of the Thirst Trap It’s time to admit it: We’re all thirsty.
  18. our selfies ourselves
    I Am Not My Internet Personality, and You Probably Aren’t Yours, Either.Please, please do not believe everything you read online.
  19. our selfies ourselves
    A Top Casting Director on How Instagram Has Changed the Modeling Game“It’s very hard to discover raw talent on the street anymore.”
  20. you’re so vain
    19 Vanity iPhone Cases for Serious AdultsSerious adults who love unicorns, teddy bears, and Chanel nail polish, that is. 
  21. our selfies ourselves
    12 Women on Twitter and Self-PromotionWomen who are great at tweeting explain how to talk about yourself online.
  22. our selfies ourselves
    The New Rules of Social-Media EtiquetteHating wedding hashtags is so 2013.
  23. our selfies ourselves
    Don’t Even Try to Be Chic on SnapchatUgly onesies trump macarons. 
  24. but is it art?
    Museums Ban Selfie Sticks From Their Stately Venues of Enlightened GazingThe Guggenheim, the Frick, and the MoMA kibosh the smart-phone extender. 
  25. hot dogs or legs
    Beyoncé, Instagram Maverick, Posts Only One Hot-Dog LegHalf the effort, all the effect. 
  26. our selfies ourselves
    Accept It, the #FirstDateSelfie Is Kind of SweetDigital documentation is the new souvenir.
  27. Just Take a Selfie, You Bridge-Destroying MonstersParisian officials suggest you commemorate your love with photography. 
  28. our selfies ourselves
    Jeff Koons Is Perfectly Happy to Bring You the Selfie of SummerBalloon Dog: a really great mirror.
  29. gallery
    Celebrities Wearing Their Own Faces on T-ShirtsNotes on a strange trend.
  30. our selfies ourselves
    The Snelfie, Your New Favorite Form of SelfieA primer on this innovative use of Instagram.
  31. our selfies ourselves
    How Instagram Became the Best Crisis PRWho needs Olivia Pope? Beyoncé, Bieber, and Jill Abramson prefer pictures.
  32. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  33. award-winning selfies
    10 Improvements on Ellen’s Oscar SelfieThe internet had a few suggestions.
  34. sex lives
    Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No FunHalf the people who send lewd messages are just not that into it. So why press “send”?
  35. decent proposals
    Talking With the Girl Who Accepted an Instagram Marriage Proposal“It’s so 2014.”
  36. our selfies ourselves
    Hey Teens, Your Damn Selfies Are Giving You LiceFacts of lice.
  37. digital life
    Addicted to Likes: How Social Media Feeds Our NeedinessHow many times have you checked your favorites today?
  38. The Latest Phase in Infant Development Is the Selfie StageThe mirror stage can now be re-named.
  39. our selfies ourselves
    The 19 Types of Selfies at Museum Selfie DayIt belongs in a museum!
  40. our selfies ourselves
    Can You Empower a Selfie? Dove’s latest “Selfie” campaign seeks to find out. 
  41. get over it
    The Joy of UnfollowingThere’s no such thing as TMI online: if you don’t like it, quit looking.
  42. our selfies ourselves
    James Franco Runs His Instagram Like the Movie IndustryIt’s a one for me, one for them policy.
  43. There’s a Six-Hour Line to Snap the Trendiest Selfie in TownIt’s in a room of mirrors, so you’re alone with your vanity.
  44. our selfies ourselves
    Taylor Swift Also Uses Her Phone to Put on MakeupAnd her friends pop in to say hello.
  45. our selfies ourselves
    Selfie Yearbook 2013: Celebrity SuperlativesDon’t ever change!
  46. our selfies ourselves
    Heartbreak and the Quantified SelfieThe lovelorn poetry of personal data analysis.
  47. our selfies ourselves
    Selfies: Just Signs of Healthy Teen Confidence?Perhaps selfies provide important esteem-boosting, self-promotion training for teenagers.
  48. our selfies ourselves
    Stealing From the Paparazzi to Feed Instagram“Is it copyright infringement? Yes.” But suing your subjects would be weird.
  49. our selfies ourselves
    A New App Uses Selfies to Measure Your Bra SizeThe surest way to keep women buying bras. 
  50. our selfies ourselves
    We Now Live in a World of Morning-After Star-Screwer SelfiesAnd with Justin Bieber asleep like a little angel, so the era begins.
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