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  1. out of the box
    Chickens and SchiaparelliPhotographer Olivia Bee plays with fashion on her Oregon ranch.
  2. out of the box
    A Breath of Fresh AirThe season’s most dramatic pieces, shot alfresco in California.
  3. out of the box
    A Pas de Deux of Color and ShapeSpring fashion, photographed by a former dancer.
  4. out of the box
    The Coolest Breakfast Club Is Actually in TokyoYes, even cooler than one with Molly Ringwald.
  5. out of the box
    Fall Fashion Inspired by Every New Yorker’s Favorite GetawayStyle goes upstate.
  6. out of the box
    This Season, Designers Have Embraced the Black Dress With a VengeancePhotographer Steph Wilson shot a range of uncommon dresses in New York’s favorite non-color on the city’s streets.
  7. out of the box
    An 18-Year-Old Photographer Shoots the Fall CollectionsSophia Wilson is not your average teen.
  8. fashion
    Painters, Photographers, and Sculptors Interpret Fall’s Best ClothesWe invited 14 creatives to do with this season’s fashion as they pleased.
  9. out of the box
    The Effortless Style of L.A.’s Retro KidsA new wave of youths who like old things.
  10. out of the box
    Spring Fashion Captured by a Photographer Who Hides FacesArielle Bobb-Willis took the season’s brightest clothing to New Orleans.
  11. out of the box
    Spring Fashion As Seen From BehindBecause backs are beautiful, too.
  12. out of the box
    Spring Fashion Captured in a Vibrant Seaside TownThe season’s pastels and patterns at play on a scenic beach in England.
  13. out of the box
    Photographing the Season’s Most Beautiful ClothesA fashion shoot staged in London.
  14. out of the box
    Mysticism and Fall Fashion Collide in the Mojave DesertPhotographer Jim Mangan took the season’s most colorful prints out West.
  15. out of the box
    The Glamour of Palm Springs Comes to Life in This Season’s Saturated ShadesPhotography collective JUCO takes today’s ‘70s-inspired fashions to the southern-California desert retreat.
  16. out of the box
    Texas Forever: Spring Fashions Go on a Lone Star State OdysseyInspired by small-town women of the ’50s and ’60s, photographer Maxine Helfman and her muse Keiryel Mcfail create a cinematic take on today’s clothes.
  17. out of the box
    A Fashionable Family Vacation in the Lone-Star StatePhotographer-model Louise Parker took the latest resortwear to Marfa, Texas.
  18. out of the box
    A Photographer Who Is, and Isn’t, in Every Frame She TakesSee Maia Flore’s surreal — and entirely faceless — pictures of herself in this season’s clothes.
  19. out of the box
    Decadent Jewels in the Midst of DestructionWhere diamonds and rubies collide with the grotesque.
  20. fall fashion issue
    This Year, Fall Prints Take a Cue From SpringA portfolio from photographer Erik Madigan Heck of the season’s most vibrant patterns.
  21. out of the box
    Fall’s Chicest Accessories Get the Still-Life TreatmentPhotographer Emma Ressel conceived these vibrant images full of decadent glassware, peculiar taxidermy, and lush Italian produce.
  22. out of the box
    A Wedding Weekend in a Classic Beach TownA photographer reunites with childhood friends in Seaside, Florida.
  23. out of the box
    Summer at the Cabin, Captured UpstateA photographer’s pond-side getaway.
  24. out of the box
    Timeless Polaroids at Rockaway BeachInstant nostalgia.
  25. out of the box
    Swimming and Jiujitsu at Miami’s Hottest BeachThe Standard Hotel.
  26. out of the box
    Home From College, by the PoolClimbing trees in a Missoni bikini.
  27. out of the box
    The Power of the One-Piece SwimsuitCaptured by photographer Zora Sicher.
  28. out of the box
    School of Visual Arts’ Students Have It Their Way With a Box of Designer ClothesPhotography students interpret some of the season’s most interesting designs.
  29. out of the box
    Layers of Resort in Upstate New YorkFun with proportions and volume.
  30. out of the box
    Ruffles and Sequins, Minus the FrillsFestive dressing, subverted.
  31. out of the box
    Driving Through L.A. With Resort’s Most Vibrant LooksWe took the brightest resort looks to the sunny city of L.A.
  32. out of the box
    Fall Outerwear Takes a Trip to the BathhouseCultures clash in this fashion editorial.
  33. out of the box
    See a High-Fashion Take on High SchoolThe eclectic tastes of teenagers, as filtered through Vuitton and Saint Laurent.
  34. out of the box
    Pre-Fall Takes a Trip Down Croatia’s CoastlineLuke and Nik stage a coastal retreat with bold hues from pre-fall mixed with athletic separates. 
  35. out of the box
    Playing Dress-Up With Flamenco-Inspired Choreographer Blanca LiShe has collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Azzedine Alaïa, and now, in a performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, robots.
  36. out of the box
    Let the Sun in With Spring’s Graphic SilhouettesWe sent a box of clothes on vacation to New Mexico to escape the sludge.
  37. out of the box
    Take A Surreal Trip Through Resort FashionFor this installment of the Cut’s Out of the Box Series, Asger Carlson pushes the resort collections beyond the realm of possibility. 
  38. out of the box
    Price Upon Request: See the Season’s Most Over-the-Top Fine JewelsBobby Doherty shoots extravagant jewelry in unexpected ways. 
  39. out of the box
    Cozy, Nostalgic, Hungarian: Marton Perlaki Shoots Fall Fashions in His HomelandAs seen through the lens of his own past.
  40. out of the box
    Prints on Prints: Fall’s Most Vibrant, Decadent PatternsJUCO goes inside America’s legendary Greenbrier hotel.
  41. Summer’s Louche Look: Long Chains, Loose Buttons, No BrasChristopher Anderson’s latest Out of the Box portfolio.
  42. the cut portfolio
    Out of the Box: The Yale ProjectMFA students interpret some of the season’s most interesting designs.
  43. out of the box
    Spring’s New Shapes: Dramatic, Fluid SilhouettesOliver Stalmans’s striking interpretations of the season’s fashions.
  44. out of the box
    Spectral States: 15 Dazzling Spring Pieces Maciek Jasik’s striking, kaleidoscopic interpretations of the season’s brightest. 
  45. out of the box
    Spring in Reverse: Detailed Backs Take Center StagePart two of Erik Madigan Heck’s bold interpretations of spring looks.
  46. out of the box
    Found in Translation: Shooting Streetwear in TokyoOur experimental fashion shoot goes on the road.
  47. out of the box
    Formal Details: Nicholas Cope Shoots Fall’s Black and White GoodsThe Cut’s latest shoot, with detailed, architectural treatments of fall’s most coveted accessories.
  48. out of the box
    Without a Face: Erik Madigan Heck Shoots Fall’s Most Entrancing BacksPhotographer Erik Madigan Heck’s striking, colorful interpretations of the latest fall-winter collections.
  49. out of the box
    ‘Lucid Dream’: Ina Jang Shoots Summer’s Breeziest LooksPhotographer Ina Jang renders gorgeous spring-summer high fashion in her own serene-yet-whimsical style.
  50. out of the box
    Odd Future: Shooting Spring’s Bold New Patterns and PrintsSynchrodogs, a surrealist photography duo on the rise, shoots spring’s boldest designer clothes for the Cut.
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