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  1. oversharing
    Here’s Way More Than We Wanted to Know About George Stephanopoulos’s Sex LifeHis wife says her friends are shocked by how much they do it.
  2. advice
    Ask Polly: I Overshared My Way Out of a Boyfriend!Your oversharing is an insecure, impulsive attempt to fix everything.
  3. oversharing
    How to Win at the Women’s Memoir GameOne way to cut critics to the quick is to concede up front that you’re in it for the cash.
  4. oversharing
    Australian Vogue Deletes Negative Comments About Advertisers From Its SiteSo much for getting your rage out on that site today.
  5. boobs or lose
    Debate Over Carla Bruni’s Bralessness Provides Excuse for Writers to Discuss Own Breasts at LengthWomen love this sort of thing.
  6. oversharing
    Are You Familiar With ‘Haul’ Vloggers?They’re people who make videos of what they bought at the mall. It’s creepy.