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Page Six

  1. gwhoops!
    Gwyneth Paltrow Survives Harrowing Hamptons Shopping ExperienceShe was mortified.
  2. meanwhile in the hamptons
    ‘Page Six’ Anonymous Source Was Too Drunk to Recognize Tiffany TrumpBut they could tell someone important was at the same Hamptons house party as them.
  3. white house drama
    Jared and Ivanka Absolutely ‘Love It’ in Washington, Okay?A close reading of the “Page Six” story.
  4. zine queen
    Chloë Sevigny on Exes, Zines, and Taking Back the Tabloid NarrativeHer zine No Time for Love is out today.
  5. wormholes
    Ibiza, Still a Hot Spot for the A-list of 2004The land where Paris Hilton stays forever relevant.
  6. cult of personality
    Our Totally Scientific Analysis of Kimora’s Diva FactorWhen Kimora Lee Simmons appears at an event, she makes sure she’s cool, hydrated, and always with a full flute: As someone blathered to “Page Six,” Simmons insists an attendant stand by to refill her Champagne glass whenever its liquid levels dip below an inch.