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  1. power
    Are We Really Still Arguing About Paternity Leave?Seems like some men are really worked up over Pete Buttigieg’s parental leave.
  2. parental leave
    Meghan Markle: ‘Paid Leave Should Be a National Right.’The Duchess of Sussex wrote a letter to Congress advocating for paid parental leave.
  3. parenthood
    British Men Aren’t Taking Their Parental LeaveFewer than one percent of men in the U.K. are taking advantage of the country’s shared-parental-leave offering.
  4. paid leave
    Democrats Are About to One-Up Ivanka Trump on Child CareThey’re introducing a child-care bill that’s more comprehensive than Ivanka’s.
  5. Fighting for Better Paid Leave Takes a Huge Toll on Working MothersEven before working mothers are given paid leave, the fight to get it is an uphill battle.
  6. Ivanka Trump Seeks Sponsors for Her Paid-Family-Leave PlanThe First Daughter will meet with Senators Marco Rubio and Deb Fischer to talk over the plan.
  7. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio Are Reportedly Working Together on Paid LeaveRubio’s involvement could make Ivanka’s plan more palatable to Republicans.
  8. politics
    Trump’s New Budget Includes Paid Family Leave, But There’s a CatchThe paid-leave plan is a step forward, but it’s made moot by the rest of Trump’s budget.
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    Only 6 Percent of Low-Wage Workers Have Access to Paid LeaveAnd one in four U.S. mothers are back at work ten days after giving birth.
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    Here’s How Kirsten Gillibrand Plans to Get Paid Family Leave PassedShe wants to build on the momentum of the Women’s March.
  11. The Number of American Women Taking Maternity Leave Hasn’t Changed in 22 YearsAnd half of all women are still not getting paid leave.
  12. These Top U.S. Companies Don’t Guarantee Paid Family LeaveA new report looked at family-leave policies of 60 major companies.
  13. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Has a Paid-Maternity-Leave Policy, It’s Just ‘Not Written Down’ YetPerhaps someone should find a pen.
  14. Even Donald Trump Has a Paid-Maternity-Leave Policy NowIt’s a sign of the times.
  15. paid leave
    Nike Is Now Offering Paid Leave to EmployeesThey’re offering birth mothers a minimum of 14 weeks.
  16. love and war
    Gillibrand Calls for Paid Leave in MLK Speech“These burdens are even higher in African-American communities.”
  17. today in ugh
    Dads More Likely to Take Parental Leave for Their Strapping Baby BoysCome on, dudes.
  18. everyday sexism
    Men Want Their Parental Leave, Too, Damn ItMore and more of them are suing to get it — and winning.
  19. happy mother’s day
    Happy Mother’s Day! Now Get Back to Work! John Oliver skewers the nation’s paid-leave policy.