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  1. swellness
    Can Being Vigorously Rubbed With a Blunt Tool Help With Pain?Trying gua sha.
  2. swellness
    Unfortunately I Enjoyed This Ridiculous Pain Relieving MachineI tried a Theragun.
  3. science of us
    I Can’t Stop Thinking About This 1991 Book About PainIt’s about healing the body with the mind.
  4. science of us
    How to Let Go of Pointless Mental AnguishAaand done! Releasing the worst-case scenario “truth” I torture myself with.
  5. science of us
    Living With a Disease That Feels Like a Never-ending UTIInterstitial cystitis, a painful, chronic bladder condition often mistaken for a urinary tract infection, has no known cause or cure.
  6. science of us
    Me, Lady Gaga, and the Medical Establishment That Failed Us BothLike her, I have fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that affects mostly women — and that, too often, isn’t taken seriously.
  7. How Much Getting a Shot Hurts Might Depend on How Much You Trust Your DoctorA new study in a simulated doctor’s office is a useful reminder of how complicated and context-dependent pain is.
  8. The Psychological Quirk That Explains Why Your Joints Ache When It RainsResearch hasn’t been able to prove a link between weather and pain, but the myth lives on.
  9. am i dying
    Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Have Sex?No, it’s not supposed to feel that way.
  10. Ibuprofen Might Not Be That Safe After All, According to a New StudyIbuprofen was believed to be a safer pain-reliever.
  11. am i dying
    Is My Gigantic Purse Causing My Back Pain?You might need to take a load off.
  12. explainers
    Why Did the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  13. wellness theories
    Ballerina Isabella Boylston on Putting Pressure on Herself and Dining Solo“We all love what we do and take it really seriously. You judge yourself pretty harshly.”
  14. Maybe We’re Thinking About Pain All WrongScientists thought they knew how the brain processes pain. New research suggests they might be mistaken.
  15. ouch
    Woman Incapable of Pain Now in Constant PainPoor thing. 
  16. happiness
    Maybe Pain Relievers Numb All Your FeelingsNot just physical pain — positive and negative emotions, too. 
  17. pain
    What Do Contractions Feel Like? 18 Women RespondOne of the worst parts of childbirth is not knowing what it will feel like, especially contractions. Here, 18 women share their experiences.
  18. pain
    Keeping a Pain Diary Might Make Your Pain WorseIt could be a case of good intentions gone awry.
  19. virtual reality
    Could Virtual-Reality Headsets Like the Oculus Rift Reduce Neck Pain?A strange experiment suggests they may have potential.
  20. neurology
    Wait, So Now Physical and Emotional Pain Aren’t the Same Thing?A neurological flip-flop.
  21. pain
    An Important New Insight Into How Women Remember ChildbirthA couple of brief moments of intense pain can trump an otherwise “easy” birth.