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    The Mom Who Was Fired a Week Before Her Due Date“My son was born in early June. And on the day he was born, I couldn’t stop thinking about the lawsuit.”
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    Men Should Be Forced to Take Parental LeaveSome new fathers opt out of company-granted days off. In an excerpt from her new book, Pay Up, Reshma Saujani argues workplaces shouldn’t let them.
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    Are We Really Still Arguing About Paternity Leave?Seems like some men are really worked up over Pete Buttigieg’s parental leave.
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    Meghan Markle: ‘Paid Leave Should Be a National Right.’The Duchess of Sussex wrote a letter to Congress advocating for paid parental leave.
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    SoulCycle Is Facing Accusations of ‘Blatant Pregnancy Discrimination’A former executive says she was demoted and then fired after disclosing she was pregnant.
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    In a Big Win for Dads, JP Morgan Chase Settles Major Paternity Leave LawsuitA father filed suit after he was allegedly denied leave.
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    Serena William’s Husband Alexis Ohanian Says Taking Parental Leave Was Important“I see taking leave as one of the most fundamental ways to ‘show up’ for your partner and your family.”
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    People Aren’t Having Kids Because It’s Way Too Expensive“A lot of people, especially communities of color, can’t really afford that now.”
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    Pre-Baby Maternity Leave Is the Strangest VacationIt’s the last chance to [fill in the blank] before the baby comes.
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    Bearing Children: How to Bring Your Baby to the Office for a VisitFirst, don’t expect it to be fun (for you).
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    British Men Aren’t Taking Their Parental LeaveFewer than one percent of men in the U.K. are taking advantage of the country’s shared-parental-leave offering.
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    Breastfeeding Employees File Complaint Against Frontier AirlinesTwo flight attendants say they had to take unpaid leave to keep breastfeeding.
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    What Do Working Families Need Even More Than Paid Leave?It starts with a “c” and ends with “care,” according to the New York Times.
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    Airline Employees Are Asking for Pregnancy and Lactation AccommodationsThe airline industry falls into a tricky place when it comes to protections for pregnancy and new parenthood.
  15. Why We Still Don’t Have Paid Parental LeaveAmericans disagree about how to make it happen.
  16. More Than Half of British Women Stop Breastfeeding by Two Months, New Data ShowsA new survey highlights breastfeeding challenges in England.
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    U.S. Parental Leave Is Worsening in Some Ways, Says a New SurveryThe number of companies offering full pay has dropped.
  18. maternity leave around the world
    New Law Gives Indian Mothers 26 Weeks of Paid Maternity LeaveThe new law adds 14 weeks — fully paid — to the existing 12.
  19. the politics of motherhood
    Can Parental Leave Be Too Long?Long leaves in Europe make some people think so, according to a report by Bloomberg.
  20. The Number of American Women Taking Maternity Leave Hasn’t Changed in 22 YearsAnd half of all women are still not getting paid leave.
  21. These Top U.S. Companies Don’t Guarantee Paid Family LeaveA new report looked at family-leave policies of 60 major companies.
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    Women Are Literally Begging for Parental LeaveA plea from two mothers who lost babies in day care.
  23. Twitter Is the Latest Company to Offer Paid Family LeaveThe benefit is available to either parent.
  24. This Group Is Shaming Companies Into Treating Parents BetterEleven NYC creative firms pledge to provide parental leave, and call for others to do the same.
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    Etsy Announces New Half-Year Paid-Parental-Leave PolicyAnother private company picks up the slack for our government.
  26. equal pay for equal chores
    Can Better Policies Make Men Share the Housework?Household socialism is easier said than done.
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    Lessons From Norway May Help Nudge American Dads Into Taking Paternity LeaveIt isn’t as simple as offering generous policies. Working dads still have to take them.
  28. love and war
    Gillibrand Calls for Paid Leave in MLK Speech“These burdens are even higher in African-American communities.”
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    Dads More Likely to Take Parental Leave for Their Strapping Baby BoysCome on, dudes.
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    Men Want Their Parental Leave, Too, Damn ItMore and more of them are suing to get it — and winning.
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    Men Not Interested in Paternity Leave“Men who are active caregivers get teased and insulted more at work.”