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  1. tech
    The Benefits of Dad-TextsFamilies who text together, stay happy together. Sorta.
  2. advice
    Ask Polly: Aging Is Scary, and Life Is a Struggle. Why Keep Going?It’s not actually so bad. It just looks that way when you’re young.
  3. depression
    What It’s Like Growing Up With a Depressed ParentHearing from the voices of the kids who lived through it. 
  4. parents
    Kanye Is Playing the Embarrassing-Dad Long Game Just being a dad. 
  5. Ashton Kutcher Cooked Eggs for Lil’ Zoë Kravitz Growing Up Kravitz.
  6. huge mistakes
    What Should You Do If You Accidentally Send Porn to Your Dad?Actress Anna Friel did it.