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Paris In 30 Days

  1. Non-Snooty, Non-Touristy Paris: A Brief TourFrom the Josephine Baker pool to one of Paris’s Chinatowns.
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    French Lingerie: A Sporty Lace Bra for SummerNo strap-adjusting here.
  3. oh la la
    French Lingerie: The Perfect Silk-Lace CamisoleThe only silk camisole you will need in life.
  4. Secrets of the Scarf: Parisians Show Off Their Tying ProwessHow to sport them (almost everywhere).
  5. Whit Stillman and Chloë Sevigny on Loving ParisIncluding: where Sevigny likes to eat caviar (and shop vintage).
  6. Larry Clark’s Love for Semi-Disaffected French KidsAstor Place has nothing on this Paris hangout site.
  7. oh la la
    French Lingerie: A Versatile, Sexy T-Shirt BraWith changeable straps.
  8. ScarJo Sues French Author; Paris GroansPlus: why Paris prefers Natalie Portman.
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    Where to Shop in Paris: Let H&M Group Guide You Don’t rob Colette …
  10. When the Marais Seems Too Much Like Soho, Try the Haut MaraisParticipative democracy in full effect …
  11. oh la la
    French Lingerie: A Parisian Tulle-Lace BraDesigned for minimal coverage.
  12. paris in 30 days
    A Jet-lagged New Yorker Bent on Unlocking ParisA part-time Parisian — and anti-love-lock activist — tells American tourists how to behave better and enjoy themselves more.
  13. paris in 30 days
    How Much French Do You Need to Speak to Live in Paris? As Much As ScarJo?“Ah, ouais,” and a few other phrases that will make you seem Parisian fast. 
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    Moynat, the Luxury Bag for Those in the KnowA sleek, modern adaptation of the 19th-century steamer trunk.