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Party Animals

  1. love and death
    Loving to DeathSad marsupials have sex until they die. 
  2. party animals
    How to Throw a Summer Party Vogue Would HateDon’t trust guests not to spill red wine on the furniture.
  3. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: Cunningham, Chung, and Blasberg Get DownSunny, outdoor events plus a man in a cow suit.
  4. scandale!
    Derek Blasberg Accused of Soliciting Nice Shoes for Nice TweetsThe fashion writer’s scandal drags on.
  5. scandale!
    Style.com ‘Reviewing’ Derek BlasbergHe allegedly asked YSL to pay him to cover their party.
  6. party animals
    Rumor: Derek Blasberg Asked YSL for $2,500 to Cover One of Their PartiesHe just says he consults for the brand, which isn’t unusual.
  7. party animals
    Derek Blasberg Has Scratched a Lot of Famous Backs, and They Are Scratching BackApparently being nice still gets you places in this town.