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    Kelly Bensimon’s Playboy Cover Hits Newsstands: ‘It’s Very Humbling to Be Naked’“I want my kids to have strong values in terms of taking care of their bodies.”
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    Patti Smith Rocks Fashion Week After-PartyAs the drunken crowd stared up at her, Smith remarked, “It looks like hell down there.”
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    Steven Alan Officially ‘Bored’ of Plaid“People are not working on boats anymore.”
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    Breaking: Maggie Rizer Did Not Dye Her Hair for Anna Wintour“Page Six” was wrong!
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    Olivier Zahm Second-guesses Purple’s Lindsay Cover, Slams Red-Carpet Fashion“Originally we wanted to do three blonde American actresses. And each time we were saying, ‘How about this shoot with Lindsay?’ the other two said, ‘No.’”
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    Courtney Love’s Best of Fashion Week“The second best was me playing at Alexander Wang.”
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    Olivier Zahm Calls Marc Jacobs Show ‘Schizophrenic,’ Confuses Carine Roitfeld“My God. You need a shrink to understand what he said.”
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    The MisShapes Disdain Homelessness, But Have Sex in Public All the Same“My sweater’s probably worth more than your apartment.”
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    Lorenzo Martone: Marc Jacobs to Present ‘Ruffles and Prints’“I think Marc is really tired of the rock-and-roll thing.”
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    Maureen Dowd’s First Fashion Week in Years: ‘Sexy!’She’s got MObama on the mind.
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    Robert Verdi Regrets Nothing“A lot of gay men who are in highly visible, powerful positions either called me or sent me an e-mail and said, ‘You’re right.’”
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    Allie Crandell Leaves The City“I’m trying to focus on myself and mingle in New York City,” says the model.
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    Janice Dickinson Makes Out With the Oakley Boys“I’ve been drinking margaritas!” she warns.
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    Amber Rose Channels RoboCopThe model sports a silver catsuit by Pam Hogg.
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    Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker Sing-along Caught on TapeSee our exclusive video.
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    FNO by Bicycle With Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos7:40 p.m.: Sam almost killed by rogue black car as we make a wrong turn onto the Queensboro Bridge entrance ramp.
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    Anna Wintour’s Charm Offensive for Fashion’s Night OutClutching hands in Queens, taking pictures with civilians — has the Wintour gone mad?
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    Brad Goreski Assures Us Nothing Is Staged on The Rachel Zoe ProjectAlso, he does actually need his glasses.
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    Tracy Anderson on How to Get Madonna’s Arms: Gyrate — and Eat Carbs, If You WantThe famed trainer revealed a few of her secrets at Fashion’s Night Out.
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    Robert Verdi on Jason Wu and the Fashion World ‘Ignoring Gay People’“Most successful gay men don’t uphold, uplift, and celebrate other gay men.”
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    Thom Browne Not Doing Lower-Priced Lines, Avoids Falling to the Hoi PolloiBrowne insists that new pieces are “not diffusion — not at all.”
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    Lindsay Lohan at Emanuel Ungaro: A ‘Dangerous Move’Naeem Khan is “worried.”
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    Paulina Porizkova Would Take a Job at Starbucks About NowCurrently, she’s blogging for the Huffington Post, and we all know how that pays.
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    Solange Knowles: I Will Not Relinquish My Power to My Hair“I just need to kind of start over and liberate myself and feel empowered.”
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    Hamish Bowles Won’t Let His Mustache Get in the Way of Singing Noel Coward“I’m planning to take a great deal of sedatives and I’m hoping I can slur the words out.”
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    When the Going Gets Rough, Kai Kuhne Grabs a Bottle of VodkaFinancial woes might explain why Kuhne “swiped” a bottle of Svedka.
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    Mickey Boardman Really Excited to Book Liza MinnelliSeriously. You might be surprised.
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    V-Man Skate-Rink Party a Spectacle to BeholdZac Posen emerged from a golden Escalade wearing a broad-brimmed hat, a long suit coat, a lilac scarf, and a brocaded shirt before taking a graceful lap on the ice.
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    Party Bonanza! An Amorous Mary-Kate, Grumpy Michael Stipe, and Ebullient Models and Designers GaloreWith most of the shows over, the parties were by far the happiest and danciest of the week.
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    Exhausted Christian Siriano: ‘I Am Done’Christian Siriano was not feeling so hot after his long week.
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    Josh Hartnett and Chace Crawford Make a Mockery of Fashion Week at Narciso Rodriguez Party“I don’t know what it is about me that people think I could do a fashion line,” said Crawford. “Sorry, I’m half-lit,” said Hartnett.
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    Haidee Findlay-Levin and Leigh Lezark Not in Agreement Over the EightiesLevin noted that it’s a “strange time” to be bringing the ostentatious eighties back.
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    Celebs Imperiled at Armani PartyBoredom, PETA protesters, scary stairs: It was not a night for the faint of heart.
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    Erin Fetherston Is So Excited, and She Just Can’t Hide It“I was like, channel magic. Channel magic. Be charming.”
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    Hamish Bowles Sings at Marie’s CrisisHe happily belts out show tunes.
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    Milla Jovovich Is Moving OnShe plans to design again, but with a bigger house that can take care of production.
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    Lindsay Lohan on Her Fun, Quality Leggings“I’m not going to compromise my line and what I do for girls.”
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    The Woman Kanye West Looks to for Style GuidanceWe asked what she thought of Kanye saying he dresses better than “a lot of gay people.” “Whaaaat?!”
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    Expect ‘Five Divas’ at Siriano’s Show, But Not His ‘New Best Friend,’ Lucy LawlessWill Lawless be at the show? “She’s coming. No — can you imagine?” [Sighs]
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    Yigal Azrouël Had No Idea He Was So HotThe designer was mortified when we asked what kinds of propositions he’s received working in fashion.
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    Zac Knows How We’ll Save the Economy“You create your own excitement, and you create the industry, and you create the customer!”
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    Fashion Week Folks Love McDonald’s — Especially in ParisJulia Restoin Roitfeld’s favorites are Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.
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    Kelly Cutrone Shares Her Thoughts on the Obama BedroomExactly why does Cutrone find Michelle ‘totally refreshing’?
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    Thom Browne on Why He Won’t Be Showing in New YorkBrowne insisted that it isn’t a snub.
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    Benjamin Cho Wishes Michelle Obama Could Be a Little More SophisticatedBenjamin Cho played D.J. at the Madison Avenue Sony store party last night, but music wasn’t the only noise he was making.
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    At Erin Fetherston Show, Wiedemann, Yaeger, and Boardman Weigh In on Palin MenNot everyone obsesses exclusively over Levi Johnston, a.k.a. Sex on Skates.