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  1. tiktok
    Is This TikTok Pasta Actually Good?I tested out the viral dish that caused a shortage of feta cheese in Finland.
  2. pasta party!
    All Pasta EverythingA peak inside Gigi Hadid’s home.
  3. over easy
    I Made Weed-Infused Cacio e Pepe and Lost an Entire WeekendTurns out there’s a big difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of cannabutter.
  4. for whom the vander pumps
    Wow, These People Are Extremely Mad About PastaExamining a short, mesmerizing clip from Vanderpump Rules.
  5. get a hobby
    Do You Like Under the Tuscan Sun? Drinking Wine? Take Up Pasta MakingI roll and I knead. I become a craftsman. I am the Geppetto of pasta.
  6. chic eats
    This Thanksgiving, Give the Gift of Dolce & Gabbana $110 PastaFor the chicest of chefs.
  7. carbs
    Pasta Doesn’t Make You Fat, Says Best Study EverItalian researchers are behind this, of course.
  8. mamma mia!
    Nobody Loves Anything As Much As Rihanna Loves PastaThe most relatable thing about her.
  9. wellness theories
    June Ambrose on Lemon Water and Breakfast Pasta“I’m the kind of girl who has pasta for breakfast because I need energy.”
  10. the dream of the nineties
    The ’90s Were a Dream Time When Pasta Was a Diet FoodCindy Crawford remembers. 
  11. guida cucina
    3 Pasta Recipes to Impress Your Italian LoverThey’re easier than you think.
  12. the dedicated
    Advice From Italian Women: Chill Out About Carbs AlreadyMeet Antonella Rana: Principessa of Pasta.