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Paternity Leave

  1. maternity leave around the world
    New Law Gives Indian Mothers 26 Weeks of Paid Maternity LeaveThe new law adds 14 weeks — fully paid — to the existing 12.
  2. Men Are Acting Like Babies About Paternity LeaveWah, wah. Too freaking bad.
  3. In SF, Businesses Must Offer Paid Family LeaveIt’s the first city in the States to mandate paid leave.
  4. parenting
    How Taking Paternity Leave Can Strengthen Your MarriageDads who take time off tend to assume more household responsibilities later on, reducing the likelihood of marital strife.
  5. fatherhood
    Men, Stop Pretending You’re the Only Ones Scared of ParenthoodBabies are universally terrifying, okay?
  6. having it all
    Men Not Interested in Paternity Leave“Men who are active caregivers get teased and insulted more at work.” 
  7. having it all all
    Take Us to Quebec, Where the Men Change DiapersBecause the government pays them to.