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Patrick Schwarzenegger

  1. second opinions
    Dads Should Never Comment on Spring BreakBilly Ray Cyrus interprets Patrick Schwarzenegger’s spring-breaking.
  2. tmz style-guide
    What’s an M-Word? Why Is Miley Cyrus Talking About One?A linguistic investigation into a TMZ special report. 
  3. american royalty
    Miley Cyrus’s Brother Is Dating Her Boyfriend’s SisterSibling rivalries. 
  4. important dfmos
    Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton Made OutImportant DFMOs.
  5. hot shot
    Behold the Petrified Face of a Man Who Drives Miley on DatesPortraits in anxiety. 
  6. campaign trail
    Tom Ford Favorite Gigi Hadid Stars in His Fall CampaignAlong with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and some more celebrity kids.
  7. celebrotica
    Taylor’s Kennedy-Cousin Two-Step: A Stirring Tabloid TaleOur resident romance novelist reimagines the tabloids