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Paul Manafort

  1. politics
    Wait, Does Paul Manafort Have Gout?He’s apparently suffering from serious foot inflamation.
  2. statement suits
    Paul Manafort Barred From Wearing Fancy Suit to CourtHis motion to wear suits was denied by a judge who said Manafort should be treated like everyone else.
  3. the manafort challenge
    Paul Manafort’s Relatable Reaction to Taxes: ‘WTF?’“Rick I just saw this. WTF? How could I be blindsided like this.”
  4. shots fired
    Buzz Bissinger Says Paul Manafort’s $15,000 Ostrich Jacket Is ‘Ugly Looking’Shots fired!
  5. ostrich leather
    Behold Paul Manafort’s $15,000 Ostrich JacketA noble bird had to give their life for this?
  6. the manafort challenge
    More Details on How Paul Manafort Spent $1.26 Million on Menswear in Five YearsAt just two stores.
  7. criminal jackets
    Paul Manafort Apparently Spent $15,000 on a Jacket Made From an OstrichThe first day of his trial included even more details about the former Trump campaign manager’s ridiculous spending habits.
  8. nyc baby
    For Just $14,200 a Month, You Can Live Like a Guy Charged With ConspiracyNew York rent ain’t cheap.
  9. manafort be shopping
    Here’s How Paul Manafort Spent Some of the $18 Million He Allegedly LaunderedA run-down of how the former Trump campaign chairman allegedly spent his laundered funds.