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Paul Manafort

  1. statement suits
    Paul Manafort Barred From Wearing Fancy Suit to CourtHis motion to wear suits was denied by a judge who said Manafort should be treated like everyone else.
  2. the manafort challenge
    Paul Manafort’s Relatable Reaction to Taxes: ‘WTF?’“Rick I just saw this. WTF? How could I be blindsided like this.”
  3. shots fired
    Buzz Bissinger Says Paul Manafort’s $15,000 Ostrich Jacket Is ‘Ugly Looking’Shots fired!
  4. ostrich leather
    Behold Paul Manafort’s $15,000 Ostrich JacketA noble bird had to give their life for this?
  5. the manafort challenge
    More Details on How Paul Manafort Spent $1.26 Million on Menswear in Five YearsAt just two stores.
  6. criminal jackets
    Paul Manafort Apparently Spent $15,000 on a Jacket Made From an OstrichThe first day of his trial included even more details about the former Trump campaign manager’s ridiculous spending habits.
  7. nyc baby
    For Just $14,200 a Month, You Can Live Like a Guy Charged With ConspiracyNew York rent ain’t cheap.
  8. manafort be shopping
    Here’s How Paul Manafort Spent Some of the $18 Million He Allegedly LaunderedA run-down of how the former Trump campaign chairman allegedly spent his laundered funds.
  9. today in donald trump
    Trump Aide Says He’s ‘More Pro-Women’ Than ClintonThe most pro-women!