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Paul Rudd

  1. culture
    Casey Wilson Can’t ComplainAfter a career-high year, the actress is on a brand-new path.
  2. cut chats
    Let Casey Wilson Lead a Waterbed Empire and Drink Orange WineThe comedian joins the latest Cut Chat to talk about cocktails, her new book, and her favorite acting projects.
  3. two of them
    Oh Look, It’s Paul Rudd and Small RuddTwo of them.
  4. wellness theories
    CNN’s Jake Tapper on Protein Shakes, Stress, and Paul Rudd’s Diet Advice“It’s fair to say this job has gotten a little bit more intense in the last year.”
  5. A Brief History of Men in RollersSometimes bros like a little bounce. 
  6. party lines
    Dakota Fanning at Cosmo’s Fun Fearless AwardsPlus Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Rose Byrne, and more.
  7. beauty marks
    Mother-Daughter Tanning Is a Widespread Issue; Paul Rudd Goes Mountain ManPlus, Nicki Minaj in bringing back her Pink Friday MAC lipstick.