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Pay Gap

  1. 2019 emmys
    Michelle Williams Brings Everyone to Their Feet at the EmmysWilliams calls out Hollywood’s pay-disparity problem in her powerful Emmys acceptance speech.
  2. mind the pay gap
    How a Mother’s Age Affects the Gender Pay GapA new study finds women who give birth between 25 and 35 may have a harder time closing the pay gap.
  3. pay gap
    Mark Wahlberg Is Donating $1.5 Million to Time’s UpIn Michelle Williams’s name.
  4. pay gap
    BBC Boss Responds to Open Letter, Says Closing Pay Gap Will Be ‘Accelerated’Tony Hall said that closing the wage gap was “a personal priority over the last four years.”
  5. politics
    White House Pays Women 63 Cents for Every Dollar Paid to MenThe gender pay gap in the White House has more than tripled under Trump.
  6. equal pay
    Here’s How the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Is Protesting for Fair PayNegotiations have been going on for more than a year.
  7. everyday sexism
    The Gender Wage Gap Hasn’t Improved Since 2007It’s been stagnant for nine years.
  8. pay gap
    Men Still Make More Money Than Women and the Reason Why SucksIn the past decade, the amount women make compared to men has only gone up by two cents.
  9. Cute Kids Are Even Cuter When They’re Calling Out Pay InequalityNow if only adults would get with it.
  10. shocking twists nobody saw coming
    One Weird Trick for Keeping Female Employees From QuittingPay them as much as men!
  11. pay gap
    Even on eBay Women Make Less Money Than MenYou can’t escape the pay gap.
  12. video
    Little Girl Asks Hillary If She’ll Be Paid the Same Amount As a Male President“This is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.”
  13. BuzzFeed Probably Shouldn’t Have Published Its Journalism Salary SurveyBuzzFeed deserves credit for tackling a controversial subject shrouded in mystery, but its survey is too flawed to be of much use.