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  1. peak dupe
    A Day in DupesCould I pass off a wardrobe of fakes as the real thing?
  2. peak dupe
    What It Takes to Shop DHGateMy complicated journey through the final frontier of dupes.
  3. peak dupe
    How Skims Became One of the Most Duped Brands EverWhen your brand is basics, is everything suddenly a dupe?
  4. peak dupe
    Dupes Don’t Even Need to Look Like the Real Thing AnymoreThese fake Nike sweatshirts will get you more clout than the real ones.
  5. peak dupe
    Do These Dupes Live Up to the Hype?We tested 17 popular beauty products — and their dupes — to find out.
  6. peak dupe
    “He Put a Dupe in a Little Blue Box” Four women on discovering their engagement rings were fake.
  7. peak dupe
    Beware Counterfeit Skin CareHow to tell the difference between a good deal and a fake product.
  8. style
    We’ve Hit Peak DupeThese days, shoppers will buy anything — except the real thing.