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  1. always shopping
    13 Pearl Accessories to Make You Look Like Harry StylesPearls: They’re not just for Muffy anymore.
  2. finer things
    Pearls Like You’ve Never Seen Them BeforeA chain, a choker, and a ladylike necklace all in one.
  3. q&a
    The Man With the Pearl Penis SpeaksDemi Moore’s ex, Will Hanigan, responds to the Cut’s essay, and talks to us about his “pearl enhanced paraphernalia.”
  4. finer things
    These Fendi Flats Would Go Nicely with Oysters and ChampagneAfter all, what goes better with pearls?
  5. now trending
    The New Pearls Are No Longer Fussy or PreciousSeven blouses that prove that pearls are back.
  6. lunchtime beauty
    This Polish Will Make Your Nails Look Like Gleaming PearlsAnne of Green Gables would approve.
  7. fall fashion
    17 Fall Trends to Know NowThe clothes of the moment — and their pasts. 
  8. best bets
    Cool Pearl Earrings to Wear Every DaySo not fussy.
  9. weddings!
    Pearls, Plus: 10 Ultraunique Alternatives to the Classic Stud EarringGeometric, diamond-decked, and more.
  10. wish list
    An Elegant Pearl Ear-Cuff to Dress Up AnythingInstantly fancy.
  11. shopping
    17 Interesting, Unexpected Ways to Wear PearlsNow sleek and futuristic.
  12. Did the Girl With the Pearl Earring Paint a Fifth of Vermeer’s Paintings? It’s a theory! It should be a movie!
  13. best bets
    Best Bet: Nektar De Stagni’s Pearl Shark NecklacePearls ‘n jaws.
  14. disco baseball
    Pearls Remind Lady Gaga of ‘Teeny-Tiny Baseballs’Which naturally reminds her of getting drunk.
  15. mollusk wars
    Jewelers Are Trying to Come Up With New Ways to Keep Pearls ExpensiveChina makes pearls for cheap these days, so jewelers have got to find a way to keep their price tags high.