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  1. splashy
    This Billboard Splashes Water on You As If It Were PeeDoes incontinence have your attention now?
  2. am i dying
    Why Do I Wake Up to Pee Every Night?Get it together, bladder.
  3. bodily functions
    A Running Skirt That Empowers You to Pee Standing Up Screw the patriarchal constraints of gym shorts.
  4. make it stop
    Pools Are As Gross As You Thought They Were That stinging in your eyes? That’s urine.
  5. pee
    How Do You Urinate in a Workout Jumpsuit?Cute-ish, but what about peeing?
  6. baby behavior
    Olivia Wilde’s Infant Son Did in Fact Pee During That Glamour ShootOtis is the real winner here.
  7. post-olympic fever
    Ryan Lochte May Have Peed on Prince Harry in VegasIn a pool, obviously.
  8. olympic fever
    Video: Ryan Lochte Expounds on Pool PeeHe can totally pee faster than Michael Phelps.
  9. audio
    Ryan Lochte: Yes, I Peed in the Olympic Pool“Something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”