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  1. peloton
    Your Peloton Might Be DefectiveThe company is recalling 2.2 million bikes after customers reported broken and detached seat posts.
  2. peloton
    Peloton’s Severance Package Includes … Free Fitness Classes?The company is giving laid-off employees a year’s worth of classes to ease the transition.
  3. conspiracies
    Why Do TV Characters Keep Having Peloton Heart Attacks?Billions has given us yet another instance of stationary bike-induced cardiac arrest.
  4. culture
    The Chris Noth Peloton Ad Has Been PulledThe company removed the ad after two women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the actor.
  5. and just like that
    Was It All Just a Big Stunt?Big lives.
  6. big deal
    Peloton Claims InnocenceThe stationary-bike company wants you to know it is not responsible for that Big twist.
  7. wellness theories
    The Peloton Instructor Who Gives Her Eyes an Ice Bath Every MorningMeet Ally Love.
  8. power
    Peloton Is Recalling All Treadmills Over Safety ConcernsThe decision comes after a 6-year-old child died on one of the company’s machines.
  9. how i get it done
    Peloton’s Top Instructor Isn’t Above a 10-Minute WorkoutRobin Arzón on the sanctity of workouts, and how to say “no,” guilt-free.
  10. investigations
    I’m Sorry, WHAT Does the Peloton CEO Do Every Morning?In a haunting interview, John Foley revealed that he drinks water in a previously unheard-of way.
  11. drama
    Even Peloton Can’t Make It Through the Election UnscathedAn instructor made an errant joke about Trump. Peloton superfans have been fighting online ever since.
  12. the gift that gives back
    Guess What the Peloton Husband Got His Girlfriend for ChristmasHint: He appeared in an infamous ad for this item.
  13. peloton wife
    Peloton Wife Emerges From the Shadow of Her PelotonShe’s fine!
  14. disasters
    Yikes, People Really Hate That Peloton AdAmid the widespread backlash, Peloton’s market value has dropped by $1.5 billion.
  15. self
    Peloton Is Spinning Faster Than EverThe company may have unwittingly created a fitness cult, but their business model is a little more complicated.
  16. science of us
    Am I Confident Enough in My Social Life to Consider a Peloton?Probably not.
  17. everything guide
    The Best Waterproof Mascara According to People Who Would KnowThe mascara they use on This Is Us.
  18. spinning
    Meet the New SoulCycle CompetitorsGive these a spin.