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    May We All Know a Love Like These Two Female Penguins’Electra and Violet have successfully adopted and hatched an egg together.
  2. coronavirus
    Penguins Come to Realize They Are Prisoners of SocietyThe flightless birds were given a tour of their own shutdown aquarium … likely prompting some harsh realizations.
  3. animals
    Soothe Yourself by Imagining the Human-Sized ‘Monster’ PenguinFortunately, you won’t have to work too hard.
  4. babies!
    I Love This Gay Penguin Couple and Their New Baby ChickLove is alive and well.
  5. mating rituals
    These Penguins Are Collecting ValentinesAt the California Academy of Sciences.
  6. someone's naked!
    The Sweater Penguins Have Been De-Sweatered, and Set FreeIt’s just as cute as when they were wearing sweaters, don’t worry.
  7. animals wearing clothes
    Adorable Penguins Need Sweaters, TooNew Zealand’s oil spill: officially the cutest catastrophe ever.
  8. video look book
    The Forties Pinup Girl With a Penguin PurseSee Anna Dutkowsky’s vintage style in this week’s Video Look Book.