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  1. members only
    AJLT’s Dick Discourse Is Good, ActuallyThis season’s focus on men’s sexual health has been unexpectedly refreshing.
  2. dick moves
    I Must Know Who’s Behind This GraffitiA mystery vandal with a memorably horny name is afoot in Tempe, Arizona.
  3. q&a
    The Man With the Pearl Penis SpeaksDemi Moore’s ex, Will Hanigan, responds to the Cut’s essay, and talks to us about his “pearl enhanced paraphernalia.”
  4. unfortunate events
    Man Robs Hot Dog Stand, Immediately Shoots Self in Similarly-Shaped Body PartPoetic.
  5. cautionary tales
    Guess Which Body Part a Man Got Stuck in This Weight at the GymHint: The fire department report called it “sensitive.”
  6. World’s Unluckiest Man Gets Venomous Spider Bite on Penis — AgainThis is unfortunate.
  7. magical genitals
    In Defense of Naomi Wolf’s Vagina (and Jon Hamm’s Penis)This week in magical genitalia.