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  1. the skin we’re in
    25 Famous People on Taking Care of Their SkinSkin-care tips from Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Justin Bieber.
  2. the bachelorette
    Quiz: How Many of These Are Real Bachelorette Contestants’ Jobs?Will Becca Kufrin end up with a colognoisseur? An enthusiast? A social-media participant?
  3. the most beautiful woman in the world
    Jennifer Aniston Remains Beautiful — Even Now — in the Year of Our Lord 2016People’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” is … Jennifer Aniston!
  4. goddess
    Wait, Is Amal Clooney Tricking Us Into Reading About Human Rights?She’s introduced a new element to celebrity weeklies.
  5. tearin’ up my heart
    This Is Jessica Biel’s Pink Wedding DressBy Giambattista Valli.
  6. body after baby
    Celebs’ Post-Baby Weight Loss Makes Other Celebs Feel BadWe feel fine about it, not that anyone asked. 
  7. princesses!!!
    American Magazine Editors Will Have to ‘Play Especially Nice’ for Their Kate Middleton CoversShe’s British and therefore not theirs.
  8. model tracker
    Heidi Klum Poses Without Makeup for PeopleAnd she has lines around her eyes.
  9. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga and Beyoncé on the ‘Telephone’ SetImages from the shoot have leaked!
  10. disco heaven
    A Closer Look at Lady Gaga’s Grammys’ OutfitsEnjoy a slideshow of detailed looks at her every outfit, from every angle, from the 2010 Grammys.
  11. campaign trail
    Madonna Does Housework in D&G AdsThere’s nothing like honest advertising.
  12. fox news
    Megan Fox’s New Armani Ad-Campaign PhotosThe ‘Transformers’ star strips down for underwear and denim ads.
  13. campaign trail
    Eva Mendes in Steamy New Calvin Klein AdsShe and Jamie Dornan are rolling around in the sand to model denim.
  14. campaign trail
    Harry Potter’s Emma Watson in Burberry CampaignSee the images and behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot.
  15. fashion yearbook
    Pics: The Flesh-Toned Stylings of Nicole KidmanWe compiled a slideshow of a few of her fleshiest looks of ‘09.
  16. party lines
    Sienna Miller on Plus-Size ModelsOn ‘V’ magazine’s upcoming plus-size issue: “I couldn’t sit here and say, ‘No, I’m not [into it].’”
  17. Taylor Lautner: The Twi Style EvolutionAdmit it, you want to look at a slideshow of lots of pictures of him.
  18. fashion yearbook
    Kristen Stewart: The Twi Style EvolutionThe first of three installments in our ‘Twilight’ style series.
  19. i’m a i’m a a diva
    12 of Beyoncé’s ‘Video Phone’ LooksAnd you thought you knew leotards.
  20. new york fugging city
    James Franco’s Soap-Opera Stint Is a Genius MoveHis forthcoming appearance on ‘General Hospital’ just might make him the most intriguing guy in town.
  21. party chat
    Christian Siriano’s Reality Show Will Be Like the Valentino MovieAlso, his fall line will be “gothic.”
  22. new york fugging city
    Pics: Rihanna at Paris Fashion WeekIn the City of Lights, our girl kicked it up about seventeen notches. Let’s discuss.
  23. loose threads
    Mario Grauso Sits Front Row at Vera Wang; Audrey Tautou on American FashionAlso, a male model appeared to be wearing fake breasts in the Elise Overland show.
  24. bump (non-)watch
    Gisele Might Not Be Pregnant, But She Has a Due DateThanks to the all-knowing celebrity tabloids, natch.
  25. party lines
    Kerry Washington on Cannes’s Scary Red CarpetStairs, people. STAIRS.
  26. party lines
    Sessilee Lopez on the All-Black Italian VogueShe landed on the cover of that issue and went from walking six shows a season to twenty.
  27. party lines
    Recession Update: Kimora Saves on Butt FabricEverybody has to save somewhere.
  28. party lines
    Christian Siriano’s on His Fall 2009 CollectionYes, it’s time to start talking about fall 2009 Fashion Week.
  29. party lines
    Heidi Klum on Project Runway’s ReturnShe also said the designers will show at February Fashion Week “no matter what.”
  30. party lines
    Tyra Banks on Barack Obama’s Victory“I held up the crystal ball and he saw it!”
  31. party lines
    Kors on Where Project Runway Will AirHe also thinks Halloween costumes look better than what ‘Runway’ contestants make.
  32. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone on Her New TV ShowShe also warned Diane Von Furstenberg about MTV camera crews wreaking office havoc.
  33. party lines
    Dunst Not a Fan of Mags Photoshopping Her TeethShe also demonstrates how to lose friends and alienate people.
  34. party lines
    Cattrall Does Her Best Patricia Field ImpersonationWe didn’t know Pat used the word fierce!
  35. party lines
    Brooke Shields’s Project Runway Dress Too SmallBrooke can’t wear the dress on ‘Lipstick Jungle’ until they make it “real-people size.”
  36. party lines
    Patti Smith on Oral Hygiene“I got her confused. I thought she was the one who was married to John McEnroe, but that’s another Patti Smith” — well, Patty Smyth.
  37. Keith Richards Talks Sperm at Liv Tyler’s PartyWe spotted Keith Richards holding court among some younger women last night at Liv Tyler’s cocktail party for the Hearts on Fire jewelry line at the Rose Bar.
  38. party lines
    Anne Hathaway Needs Her Beauty RestAnne Hathaway may have starred in ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ but she’s not getting caught up in Fashion Week.
  39. party lines
    Foxy Brown Gets Alexander Wang to Booty-ShakeWe caught Foxy Brown after her performance at Alexander Wang after-party at Cortlandt Alley last night, her first show in NYC since being released from Rikers Island earlier this year.
  40. party lines
    Sean Lennon Says He Loves Animals“I got [this headress] from, like, these weird mountain men in Wyoming.”