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  1. perception
    Rich People Literally See the World DifferentlyMoney shapes perception, down to the millisecond.
  2. Multitasking Makes Drivers Feel Confident, Is Killing a Historic Number of ThemThe first six months of 2016 have seen 17,775 vehicular deaths. Blame addictive apps and human cognition.
  3. How to Make Sure You Don’t Screw Up Your BallotYou should have a plan before you set out for your polling place, because it’s surprisingly easy to make mistakes.
  4. perception
    Baseball Players See the Ball As Way Bigger Than You DoBecause, the research says, nobody perceives the same reality — or fastball.
  5. What Dreams Are Like When You’re BlindHave you ever smelled something in a dream? What about taste?
  6. ‘Motion Blindness’ Happens When Your Brain Can’t Understand Your EyesA new study says it’s related to face blindness.
  7. How Yoga Turns You Superhuman or Just Less Freaked Out About LifeIt trains the body, mind, and everything in between.
  8. neuroscience
    What Happens in the Brains of Blind People Who Do MathThe brain is wonderfully plastic.
  9. How to Explain Color to Someone Who Can’t See“They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue.”
  10. race
    The Weird Connection Between Smiling and RacismYes, your brain can make quick, sloppy, discriminatory judgments. But there are ways to nudge it back on track.
  11. The Surprising Way People Judge Other People’s ParentingThis is an important example of how human judgement is biased.
  12. perception
    Why Humanely Raised Meat Tastes BetterNot the reason you think!
  13. “fallacy”
    How Researchers Discovered the Basketball ‘Hot Hand’An accidental math discovery overturned the “truth” about the hot hand.
  14. perception
    How to Fool People Into Thinking They Are Witnessing MagicThe profound power of priming.
  15. Think You’re Color-Blind? Take This QuizIt’s way more common for guys than ladies.
  16. The Psychological Appeal of Those Viral Optical IllusionsCan you spot the panda? The cigar? The phone?
  17. Playing Action Video Games Might Make You a Better DriverFirst-person shooters: They’re good for you!
  18. Overweight People Judge Distances to Be Further Than They Really AreBecause what you see is how you can act.
  19. Losing Your Keys Is a Painful Reminder of How Memory Really WorksAlso: “Well, where did you last see them?” is the dumbest question.
  20. Your Brain Remembers Strangers by Their SmellNew research argues that in some cases, body odor may be enough to pick someone out of a lineup.
  21. The Weird Way You Can Hear Your Food’s FlavorSound affects how we experience what we eat.
  22. The ‘Outfielder Problem’ Shows How Your Brain Is Not a ComputerThe brain’s been called a wax block, a blank slate, a mill, a hydraulic system, a switchboard, and a computer. But what is it, really?
  23. sweat
    If You’re Way Too Sweaty, Blame Your Early ChildhoodPlus: Sweat glands’ secret, under-the-radar purpose.
  24. happiness
    To Get Happier, Focus on What Makes You MiserableA counterintuitive rejoinder to America’s get-happy-now craze.
  25. These Are the People Most Likely to Get the Chills From Sad MusicIt’s called “frisson,” or “skin orgasms.”
  26. gender dysphoria
    How Gender Dysphoria Affected Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! As a Performer“The idea of having to fill that role was crushing to me, and it got to the point where being onstage I didn’t know who I was.”
  27. Many Nervous Fliers Are Afraid of Being AfraidA lot of things are way scarier in your head than they are in real life.
  28. One Day, You May Be Able to Tell If Your Medicine Is Working Just by Tasting ItAn unexpected use for one of the five senses.
  29. atypical
    What It’s Like to Be Unable to Bear the Sound of Someone Eating“Any time I hear someone chewing with their mouth open, I lose my mind.”
  30. A New Study Helps Explain Why Some People Can See So Many Colors“Think of someone who has superior muscles but never learned to run. You can have the potential but it’s only realized if you use it.”
  31. perception
    Sexist Packaging Makes Food Taste BetterA “Mega Muffin” and a “Health Muffin” require different kinds of advertising.
  32. perception
    Why Screaming Gets Our AttentionWe all know there’s something compelling about shrill shrieks and blood-curdling wails, but a new study casts some light on what that something is.
  33. perception
    What the Justice System Gets Wrong About Eyewitness Testimony“At the police station, she had looked upon the true perpetrator and picked out an innocent man.”
  34. autism
    Kids With Autism Describe Their Sensory Experiences“And I heard the buzzer and I started to have panic, like, ‘Ahh!’”
  35. social psychology
    The 5-Step Approach to Not Being Misunderstood AnymoreLearn the magic of the bombardment method and the teamwork method.
  36. perception
    What Daredevil Gets (Kinda) Right About Blindness and Heightened SensesPulling some truth from the Daredevil legend.
  37. asmr
    Science Finally Starts to Explain ‘Whisper Porn’If you can’t stop watching videos of people folding towels or brushing their hair, this might be why.
  38. What It’s Like to Be an Expert Lucid Dreamer“The last time I saw a godlike figure in a dream I told him to get out of my way.”
  39. perception
    The ‘100 Million Colors’ Lady Has an Opinion on That DressShe says you are all right. 
  40. What It’s Like to See 100 Million Colors“I can tell if someone is sick just by looking at them. Their skin gets gray, it gets yellow, and there’s some green.”
  41. time
    Two Easy Ways to Feel Like You Have More TimeDeep breaths.
  42. perception
    How to Get People to Stop Ignoring Traffic SignsGotta make ‘em more “dynamic.”
  43. perception
    Why Art Is More Potent When It’s in a MuseumAll sorts of hidden cues affect our perceptions.
  44. perception
    How Blind People Use Echolocation to Get AroundHumans are pretty resourceful.
  45. perception
    Science Explains Why You Can’t Tell Johnny Depp From His Stunt DoubleIt’s part of a larger survival mechanism.
  46. Could You Describe ‘Red’ to a Blind Person?Putting colors into words is tough. 
  47. forced perspective
    People Have Such Dumb Opinions About the Olsens, Olsens SayIt’s pretty confusing, what they do, but they’re gonna try to explain it.