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Performance Art

  1. acting out
    Allow Us to Introduce This Singing Bottle of PerfumeHis name is Mur.
  2. they seem cool
    The Performance Artist Playing Her Own MuseMeet Becca Kauffman, otherwise known as Jennifer Vanilla.
  3. gallery
    This Artist Wears Milk-Carton Dresses to Meet Strangers on the SubwayMaybe you’ve seen her pet peacock on the G train.
  4. performance art
    Be Better at Life by Thinking of Yourself LessThe motivational power of self-transcendence.
  5. Zen and the Art of QualityRemembering Robert Pirsig’s classics after the author’s death this week.
  6. performance art
    The Best Way to Follow Your Dreams Is Keeping Your Day JobHow practical people pursue their passion.
  7. performance art
    The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: NatureA new book argues that spending time outside can serve as a welcome reprieve from the constant stimuli of modern life.
  8. gallery
    See Marina Abramovic’s Greatest Moments in the Art WorldHer first extensive monograph comes out next month.
  9. gallery
    This Artist Thinks Gender Is a DragMartine Gutierrez wants you to start thinking about gender as a social construct.
  10. A Year and a Half After Mattress Performance, Emma Sulkowicz Wants to Heal YouThe doctor is in and the artist is present.
  11. jesus walks kanye tweets
    Kanye Uses Age-old ‘It’s Performance Art’ ExcuseKanye’s tweets do not necessarily reflect the views of Kanye.
  12. performance art
    Marina Abramovic Is a Fan of the Mattress GirlShe “really wants to meet” Emma Sulkowicz.
  13. Columbia Student Speaks on Mattress Performance“I just never really anticipated how big this would be,” says the woman protesting her alleged rapist with performance art.
  14. performance art
    See Marina Abramovic Be Hilarious With a LightbulbThis is not performance art. (OR IS IT?)
  15. slash jobs
    Milla Jovovich Was Buried Under Boxes in a Glass House In the name of art.