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  1. beauty
    The Future Smells Like Chanel No. 5The French house has spent decades planning for it.
  2. Don’t You Want to Teleport to the Mediterranean?Don’t You Want to Teleport to the Mediterranean?
  3. scentimental
    8 Perfumes for a Pandemic SpringFragrances that capture all the mixed emotions of the season.
  4. always shopping
    14 Fragrances That Conjure CampingSmell like a bonfire, a forest maiden, or a walk in the woods.
  5. scent memories
    Heartbreak Smells Like PatchouliAccording to Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp and Parfums de Marly’s Creative Director Yvan Jacqueline.
  6. lunchtime bet
    Ignore Basic Hygiene and Still Smell Good Thanks to This T-ShirtHow to skip the laundry part of Gym, Tan, Laundry.
  7. best bet
    The Sweater-Weather ScentFor the Ken Bone within you.
  8. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Perfect Summer NightDiptyque’s Do Son smells like sunlight and warm skin. 
  9. the sixth scents
    Small Diva Carries Six (6) Perfumes at All TimesMore in her car (3) and more in her suitcase (2).
  10. la smell city
    Weed, Motor Oil, and 19 Other Things That Smell Like Los AngelesA scent experience at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA) called “Sillage.” 
  11. look of the day
    Katy Perry Channeled Her Inner Catholic SchoolgirlWhen in Berlin.