Period Pieces

What we’re still learning about menstruation.


The Best Period Products for Trans Men and Nonbinary People

From leakproof boxers to menstrual cups you’ll forget you’re wearing.
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    How to Safely Skip Your PeriodThese are the methods a doctor recommends.
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    Is Your Body Out of Sync With a Man’s World?On TikTok, influencers promise you can beat burnout by planning your life around your menstrual cycle.
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    What We Still Don’t Know About Heavy FlowMeasuring blood loss during a heavy period is more complicated than it seems. The consequences, even more so.
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    What It’s Like to Free BleedAccording to a woman who hasn’t used tampons or pads in seven years.
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    What We Still Don’t Understand About COVID Vaccines and PeriodsMore than two years and several boosters later, here’s what we do know and why we don’t know what we don’t.
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    What You Need to Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome The potentially fatal disease teen magazines warned you about is rarer than you think.
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    How to Fight Period PovertyFour ways to help get menstrual products to those who need them.
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    The Best Sustainable Menstrual Products on the MarketEverything to know about organic tampons, period panties, reusable pads, menstrual cups, and other ecofriendly alternatives.
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    How to Talk to Your Doctor About Period PainFive things you can do to advocate for yourself at your next OB/GYN appointment.
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    25 Famous Women on PeriodsKourtney Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Padma Lakshmi, and more share their menstruation stories.
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    How Ending the Tampon Tax Became Viral LegislationIt’s a health issue masquerading as a tax matter.
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    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”