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Period Sex

  1. period sex
    We Had Sex on Thinx’s $369 Period Blanket So You Don’t Have ToPeriod-proof underwear company Thinx has branched out into bedding, and naturally we had to give it a go.
  2. roll clip!
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Releases ‘Period Sex’ Video“Put down a towel, party till it’s dry.”
  3. sex diaries
    The Film Producer Who Likes Evil Porn and a Hot StonerThis week’s sex diary.
  4. service journalism
    Is This the Secret to Mess-Free Period Sex?Boning while wearing a menstrual cup: an experiment.
  5. ovaries week
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”