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  1. can u not
    Alright, Who’s Going to Tell the Men They’re Wrong About ‘Man Periods’?It’s gonna have to be me, isn’t it.
  2. Makers of Period Panties Introduce Version for Trans MenTrans model and artist Sawyer Devuyst introduces the new line in a moving video. 
  3. everyday sexism
    Period Underwear Ads Shot Down by Taxi TVThis again?
  4. modern menses
    Period Underwear Ads Set to Take Williamsburg Next MonthAn “inappropriate” subway ad campaign has now been approved, and it’s coming to the Bedford Avenue L stop.
  5. everyday sexism
    Women’s Underwear Company Getting Hassled Over Subway Ads [Updated]Why? Because its ads mention (gasp) periods. 
  6. are you there god?
    Dancing Tampons to Embarrass Swedish Children Into Never Discussing Periods“Hooray for periods!”
  7. am i dying
    What Is This Intestinal Chaos During My Period?What it means if you experience lots of pooping, an alarming lack of pooping, or, hellishly, both.
  8. video
    ‘Bad Blood’ Political Parody Skewers British Tampon TaxBrits are using the anthem to call for an end to the tampon tax.
  9. menstruation
    Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods at Donald TrumpHe is having a bad time of the month.
  10. period power
    Apple Will Finally Acknowledge MenstruationThe company has grown up.
  11. feminine products
    We Could Have Had Charli XCX TamponsHer innovative branding was thwarted.
  12. color periods
    Pantone’s Color of the Year Is Icky MarsalaChic like mushroom sauce. 
  13. iphone sexist
    The New iPhone: Grossed Out by Our Periods?Where’s the period tracker, Apple?
  14. ovaries week
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”
  15. girl games
    Teenagers Make Fun Tampon-Shooting Video GameBang-bang. 
  16. this is my song
    Let Spotify DJ Your Next Menstrual CycleA playlist of PMS jams?
  17. empowerment
    This Video Makes Acting ‘Like a Girl’ Cool An ad teaches us to stop using the phrase as an insult.
  18. blessed events
    Can Someone Invite Me to Their Period Party? Every party needs a vagician.
  19. menstruation
    Embracing My Period at a Woodstock Moon LodgeHow I wound up chanting and chatting about menstrual sponges in the woods.
  20. bloody protests
    Reddit Feminist Forum Fights Trolls With Period JokesThe TwoXChromosomes subReddit deals with the spotlight.
  21. periods
    Viagra Might Be the New MidolThe ED drug also works for PD, says a new study. 
  22. periods
    Debilitating PMS Now Officially a Mental DisorderPremenstrual dysphoric disorder makes the DSM-5.
  23. teen girls
    Why Did a Fan Throw a Tampon at One Direction?Poetic sexual awakening or random boorishness?
  24. periods
    I Love the ‘Camp Gyno,’ But I Hate These Period Boxes The viral ad’s heroine is too good for the product she’s selling.
  25. history
    Tampon Applicator Invented So We Wouldn’t Enjoy Tampons Too MuchThere must have been a misunderstanding.
  26. box box
    Mystery Gifts in Well-Designed Boxes to Make Periods Less MiserableFinally, a Birchbox for your ovaries.
  27. facts of life
    How Do You Market Sexy Depends?Leak-proof period panties pivot to include incontinent new moms. 
  28. sex ed
    Six Things We Learned About Periods From Temple’s Student Newspaper“No one prepares guys for how to handle their ladies’ menstrual cycle.”